If you’re reading this, congratulations are in order. You have picked up Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, you’re all set to discover what Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected has to offer and this time, and you’re curious as to how to upgrade the Ether Pick, well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

However, just in case you’ve come upon this guide and have yet to obtain the Ether Pick, don’t worry, as we’ll be covering that too and we’ll even be doing a Q&A. Let’s begin:

Section 1: What is the Ether Pick?:

The Ether Pick is an item Shulk can acquire in Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected and it is used for mining the ether deposits all over the Bionis’ Shoulder.  

Section 2: What is the Purpose of Mining Ether Deposits?:

By mining Ether deposists, players can acquire gems, that are stat/effect boosting items that can be equipped by your characters and are useful in battle.

What’s more, if you’re after certain kind of gems, such as with Spike IV, which is red in colour, you will need to mine a Fire Ether deposist. (Massive rock that is the colour red)

Section 3: How to find Ether Deposits?:

Truth be told, finding Ether deposists is rather easy, as they are easily viewable on your map, so it’s more a case of seeing the nearest Ether deposit icon and heading over to it.

What’s more, once you have mined an ether deposit for all it has to offer, by allowing some time to pass, you will be able to mine it.


Section 4: How to Obtain the Ether Pick?:

To acquire the Ether Pick, players will first need to make their way to Companions’ Cape, where they can meet an NPC called Carranelle.

Talking to Carranelle will prompt the side quest Ether Explotation and once you complete it, you’ll have acquired the Ether Pick. The requirements for completing her side quest are as follows:

  • Excavate an ether deposit using the Common Ether Pick. (Spoilers, the pick breaks)
  • Return to Carranelle


Once the pick is yours, players are free to mine Ether deposists all over the Bionis’ Shoulder.

Section 5: How to Upgrade the Ether Pick?:

Congratulations! At last the Ether Pick is yours to wield, but now it is time to upgrade it. To do this, you will need to proceed far enough into Future Connected’s story, so that you can gain access to the ancient town of Gran Dell.

Head past the landmark Grand Arch and proceed upwards. You’ll soon come across an NPC called Lott. Speaking to him will allow you to embark on the side quest Finding Happiness, which once completed, rewards you with the Reinforced Ether Pick. The requirements for completing his side quest are as follows:

  • Look for a Cerulean Shard around Barouh Ruins Cave
  • Hand in the Cerulean Shard to Lott


Once the reinforced pick is yours to wield, you are now free to mine ether deposits once more, this time yielding better results thanks to more powerful gems.


We hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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