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The Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a truly remarkable place. Even more so when you donate bugs, fish, and fossils to it. Speaking of fossils. These can be found in the 5-point star holes in the ground that are scattered around your island on a daily basis. you can find anywhere from around 4-5 on any given day and what they are can be completely random. There are 73 different fossils to be found and they have to be assessed by Blathers before you can donate them to the museum.

Unlike the Critterpedia that tells you when you have donated a bug or fish, there is no such option for fossils. There is a list that will tell you what fossils you have had in your possession at one time but it won’t tell you if you have donated it or not. You can find the list of fossils in the Wallpaper, Flooring, and More section in Nook Shopping on the Nook Stop or Nook Phone app. You can’t buy fossils from Nook Shopping so your best bet is to get lucky when digging fossils or make trades with someone who might have one. This can be done by Discord, Nookazon, or Social Media. We also have a few spare fossils of our own should anybody be missing a couple, you can check out our list here.

As to what each fossil is, you can check out the full list below of the 73 fossils from Acanthostega, right up to Trilobite. You can use this list to cross-reference it with your own. If you would like to know what each fossil looks like, you should see the video below.

ACNH Fossil List (10)

Now, I will just say that this recording was done in the 30 seconds available within the Nintendo Switch’s video record function. So be ready to press the pause button as quick as you can to stop the screen when needed.

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