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If your console is on the fritz, then often, the biggest concern is that you might lose all of your saved data. You’ve put in a lot of hours to progress through game titles, so naturally, you don’t want that hard work to be lost. With consoles like Nintendo Switch, your progress isn’t automatically saved to the cloud, which means that if your console is irreparable, you might lose your saved data.

The best way to protect your data is to send it to the cloud, but unless you’re taking the right cyber security measures, even the cloud isn’t Fort Knox. Cyber security risks are common in today’s world, so you have to take steps to protect your data.

Sign Up to Nintendo Switch Online

Your game data isn’t automatically saved to the cloud unless you sign up to Nintendo Switch Online. This costs about $20 if you pay for a year, or $4 if you pay for a month, but it can be well worth it to keep your data protected.

Once you’ve signed up to Nintendo Switch Online, you can set your device to back up data automatically when software is closed, or when the device goes into sleep mode. With your data saved in the cloud, you can access it whenever you like, from different devices, meaning that you don’t lose out if your current device breaks.

You need to keep an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, otherwise your data won’t continue to save online.

Be Mindful of Cyber Security

Nintendo Switch Online is what’s known as a SaaS cloud application, which basically means it’s a piece of third-party software that you access through the internet. These third parties take care of a lot of the security for you, but you still have some responsibility for the safety of your account.

If your game data is particularly important to you, or you’re using cloud computing to store other sensitive information, then you should look at ways to increase your security from companies like With solutions such as a cloud access security broker, you can control access to your accounts and bolster your security settings in order to ensure that your data is safe.

Don’t Risk Not Backing Up Your Data

There are security risks with any data storage method, but using the cloud can be one of the most effective ways of storing your Nintendo game data and keeping it safe. Once your data is in the cloud, you can access it at any time, meaning that you don’t have to rely on your console.

Sometimes hardware malfunctions, but when you’re using the cloud, it’s backed up by advanced technology that helps ensure 100% uptime. When you’ve got important data, it’s always best to have it backed up, and the best way to do this is through the cloud.

Sure, it might cost you $20 a year to be a Nintendo Switch Online member, but if your console starts to play up and you can’t retrieve your data, it’s going to seem like a very good investment.

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