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Hello everyone! How have you been? Are you ready for Christmas already?

Facing a lot of holiday sales and saving to purchase a ton of gifts means that having a job would be nice. In the end of 2018 and up until March 2019, I was going back to school. A few months later, I was able to take all my exams and wait for the results. In other words: applying for jobs after I passed everything was an absolute must. 

I have been an assistant ever since but was branching out a little more on my original profession with my new course and degree. It should make sense and be based on my original job. I did not want anything different, because I do like my job. I longed for more than “just” being an assistant, though. 

The next thought would be combining one of my passions with my job.  

Writing reviews for quite some time now (even though I made some slight hiatus for a few months), I could have considered that. Writing for a website, playing games and getting paid for that. It sounds good, but… nah. 

Why, you ask? Because it’s a hobby. A creative hobby. You might have noticed that I keep struggling with meeting deadlines. I am a secretary after all, but most important: 




I ab-so-lutely despise it. The logical conclusion would be that when I hate being stressed, I’m getting stuck. Which is right. I can pull it off, no problem, since I strive to be professional… But that would lead me into hating literature. Be it reading words or write my own piece – it would be spoilt for me. 

Being that off the table, well… Maybe I could try and be an assistant in a gaming company. 

Nuh-uh. Thank you very much. I would probably go crazy. Surrounded by people having professions outside the creative field my whole working life was for a reason. I need structure and the focus often is elsewhere in a creative field. I do not want to suggest that all creative professions are chaotic, but I know how hard it is to focus on something so boring as organization when your mind and soul rests in more exciting fields as creating something. 

Imagine being the one breathing down the neck of someone trying to build something, create work from scratch. I hate it when I have to endure that – so I do not want to be the cause of it for anyone else. Unfortunately, as a secretary or assistant, you need to do that from time to time. 

Plus, the working hours. After all the crunch we have seen for some major games being released in the past (and in the present, too), I never want to be stuck in such an inconsistent job environment again. I used to work like a lot and I don’t mind – as long as I am not forced to do it. 

If you haven’t read my previous columns: Hi! I’m complicated in every matter! 

What do you think of working in the gaming industry? Did you ever consider it or are part of it? Let me know in the comments! 


Next week’s segment: My personal recommendations for your gaming Christmas shopping list!

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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