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Hello all. We hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I myself have been thoroughly enjoying The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. When the game released last Friday, I wasted no time getting “dressed up” for the occasion to pick up the Limited Edition at my local GAME store.

Well with last week behind us, it is time to look forward and I must say, we do have a bit of a roller coaster week ahead of us. My laptop has been taken in for repairs as it is struggling to process the simplest of functions like running Chrome. However, we still have content planned to go live this week and we hope not to miss too many deadlines.

This Tuesday, our Content Creator Spotlight focus is on Alex Blake AKA CptnAlex. He creates some incredible custom Nintendo consoles and accessories, among other things as well. Wednesday, we hope to have our Bear With Me: The Complete Edition review go live. The review is penned by LadySugacube and is one of her most extensive reviews, coming in at over 2,000 words.

Thursday and Friday we will continue with our Weekly Switch eShop releases and Weekly News Round-up. Switch Nindies will be back again on Saturday to bring the latest news on Nintendo’s Mobile titles.

For Gameplay Sunday, we do some some content planned but we can’t clarify what at this time. With my laptop out of commission for the time being, I don’t have the means to edit videos. Rest assured, we will have something, come Sunday.

Thank you for support as always and we hope to be back on form again next week.

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