Hey folks, it’s time for our weekly Mobile news round-up! To start things off this week, we have a ton of brand new updates arriving in both Dr. Mario World & Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Dr. Mario World:


This week in Dr. Mario World we saw the arrival of brand new stages, doctors, and more! 20 brand new carnival themed stages have been added. New doctors include Dr. Baby Mario, Dr. Baby Luigi, Dr. Baby Peach, & Dr. Baby Daisy.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

This week, a brand new update has been detailed for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Alongside the new update, brand New wallpapers and flooring have become available with a restock of a past fortune cookie. The garden event currently running is also set to end tonight (9/7) as of this post.


Stargazers, rejoice! Julian’s stardust cookie has been restocked at the Fortune Cookie Shop, but only for a limited time. This cookie includes items that’ll let you transform your campsite into a picturesque planetarium. Enjoy counting the constellations!


New wallpapers and flooring options are now available! Would you rather sit amongst the fall foliage or get to work in your steampunk laboratory? Well, why not both?! The possibilities are endless.


Changes Planned For Future Updates

Thank you for playing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game!

Please see the following information regarding some changes to gameplay and resulting effects as part of the update we plan to implement around 9/11/19.

We are planning to update Gulliver’s Ship. Along with this update, some of Isabelle’s Goals will be added or removed.

■ Goals Planned for Removal
· Goal content:
Give Gulliver furniture and clothing for him to export.

· Prizes:
Leaf Ticket × 5

Tap here for more information

■ Effects of the Update
If you are interacting with Gulliver’s Ship when the update occurs, the items you gave to Gulliver and the souvenirs you were going to obtain will be sent to your Mailbox following the update.

· If the ship has not yet departed after you’ve given your items to Gulliver:
→ The furniture and clothing given to Gulliver will be returned to you via your Mailbox.

· If Gulliver’s Ship has departed, and if you have not yet received souvenirs:
→ The souvenirs you were going to obtain will be sent to your Mailbox.

Mailbox Storage Time
· Animal Maps: Unlimited
· Other items: 30 days

Tap here for more information

When you give an animal a snack, we plan to increase the amount of Friendship Lv. points given per snack.

We hope you continue to enjoy Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

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