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If you couldn’t help but pick up Grip: Combat Racing, there is some good news to be had. An extensive new update that adds Team Modes is rolling out this April.

The update is only currently available on Steam, however it will be available for console owners to download later this April. The full announcement as to what the update entails can be seen here:

GRIP: Combat Racing Big Ass Update

Massive post-launch content drop releasing for award-winning supersonic driving game GRIP: Combat Racing


Wired Productions Ltd., an award-winning independent video games publisher, and developer Caged Element Inc., today reinforced their post-launch commitment to providing continuous support for Grip: Combat Racing by releasing a stack of new content, including four free new tracks and the introduction of Team Racing and Deathmatch.

Watch the brand-new trailer here:

Landing Friday April 5th on STEAM, with console to follow over the next two weeks, this new content takes GRIP’s track count to 27, with players now able to choose how they play, with options such as Team Deathmatch, local split-screen racing, 10-player online tournaments, a single-player campaign and the nine point-to-point challenging Carkour mode!




Team Modes (Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)

Team racing now takes centre stage with the inclusion of two new modes: Team Racing and Team Deathmatch. 

  • Team Racing – Players can now join either Red or Blue teams to battle it out in any racing mode. These include: Classic Race, Ultimate, Elimination and Speed Demon. The team with the highest points wins!
  • Team Deathmatch – The way deathmatch is meant to be played. Jump on Red or Blue and blast each other away. The team with the highest points wins


*Team modes are supported in multiplayer and in tournament format. Each side (Red and Blue) have a team emblem/sigil to set them apart more and create a better rivalry


Four New Tracks (Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)


  • Mindbender (Haze reverse) (Orbital Prime) (City)


A highly-modified version of Haze reverse. Key sections include a massive jump, tricky S-turn and twisting sewer section


  • Naptha Valley (Jahtra) (Desert)


Quite possibly the most rollercoaster-y track of all. Set in a resource mining centre, key sections include a mineral deposit cave, large stepped curves of terrain and an indoor Facility


  • Hive Horizon (Orbital Prime) (City)


A beautiful, sunset soaked, gravity-defying city district. Key sections include an affluent block of corporate structures, a big ceiling ride to floor jump and an ascending spiral road


  • Spin Cycle (Liddo5) (Forest)


Key sections include an open area with nice autumn visuals, tunnel turns perfect for barrel rolls, glass tunnels and an obstacle ridden turn to the finish!


 Level Cap – As of April 5th, the level cap has also been increased to 40, with unlocks of paint jobs and new tires for cars. In addition to this Pariah now have coloured paint that can be customized!

Garage Packs – 2($1.99 / £1.69 / €1.99 individual packs. Also available as a money saving bundle) Available on Steam April 5th and later this month on console)


Glow hot with new skins, decals and rims for each manufacture!


 Source: Wired Productions PR


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