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Dragalia Lost is now celebrating the holidays with its latest ingame event! The Miracle of Dragonyule has now begun, and now is your chance to take in the special festivities! Like past Facility events, you’ll earn a special currency to level up a special building to help boost the stats of your adventurers. This time it’s a water facility titled the “Yuletree”. You are also able to recruit your favorite adventurers who are wearing their festive Dragonyule garb in the latest summon showcase: Dragonyule Defenders.

The season of Dragonyule has arrived!


Yuletrees decorate the town as the people eagerly await The arrival of Saint Starfall. But wait…are those fiends here to ruin the Dragonyule festivities?!

Will the prince and his friends be able to reclaim their peaceful holiday?

Event overview:

In The Miracle of Dragonyule, players can acquire a Yuletree, an event-specific facility. If you take part in the event, you’ll have the chance to build one in your Halidom!

The Yuletree powers up the stats of water-element adventurers, which you’ll want to use in this event. It also boosts the damage adventurers deal to enemies in Miracle of Dragonyule quests.

Try to advance the event story and level up your Yuletree!

Adventurers can equip event-specific wyrmprints, which can be acquired from Treasure Trade or as event-specific rewards, to receive extra astral ornaments from these quests, which are used to upgrade the Yuletree.

Wyrmprints are good for more than just that, though, so try to get ahold of them to get the most out of this event!

Event duration:

Dec 16 22:00,2018(PT) to Dec 26 21:59,2018(PT)

Reward period:

Dec 16 22:00,2018(PT) to Jan 2 21:59,2019(PT)

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