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In a possible shocking turn of events, while Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is still without a release date, something wonderful has happened!

As part of Koji Igarashi’s regular updates on Kickstarter, Igarashi has revealed that WayForward Technologies have partnered up with the development team. He’s full comments can be seen here, as well as a few words on a new villain:


For this month’s update, we have an incredible support who will be joining the Bloodstained team. Can you guess who? It’s WayForward!

That’s right, WayForward, the makers of Shantae! As you may already know, they are top-tier when it comes to side-scrolling action games. There is even a staff member who previously worked on one of my projects, which is incredibly encouraging.

In consideration of their past achievements, WayForward will be helping the development team realize my vision for this game. Maybe I am even more excited than everyone else – with their help Bloodstained will become an even better game.


We also have some new enemy concept art to show you. This is Cyhyreath.

Bloodstained WayForward


Cyhyreath first appears to be crouching on the floor. Once the player approaches her, she will fly around and make a death shriek to attack the player.

It’s a traditional gothic horror design, and I think it’s lovely.


I was talking with the team just before writing this comment and, with WayForward’s help, they have been busy helping to improve the game and fix any bugs that pop up. 

Speaking of which, there’s a really tough one that’s making the game crash that needs to be fixed before the game reaches everyone, so we are scything through them all.


For more from Igarashi, be sure to click here to check out the full post over on Kickstarter, where you can also find fan art and his final word.



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