Goosebumps the game switch review

Developer: WayForward

Publisher: GameMill Entertainment

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Category: Puzzle, Action & Other

Release Date: October 9, 2018 (EU & NA)




Reader beware, you’re in for a scare!

You are a young teen who has just finished a hard day at school. Fetching your phone from your locker, you find a message from your mother. She is going to be home late tonight, so you will have to find your own way home and fend for yourself tonight. If only she knew the horrors that would be awaiting you…

A weird plant man attacks you in a forest, a van filled with bizarre artifacts has crashed in your street, and a vicious dog attacks you outside your home. But wait, something looks off. Where your home once stood, a large, creepy run down house. After trying your house key on the door, the house opens, and your spooky night begins. Will you be able to fend off what goes bump in the night?


The story of Goosebumps The Game fits in well with the stories you think of about the series. It is a creepy story aimed to please a child audience, and it makes many references to many stories in the series. From “The Dead House” replacing your own, to Slappy seemingly driving the horrors forward, fans of the series will find a lot to enjoy here.

I’m not too familiar with the Goosebumps books myself. I used to read them when I was a child, some 20 plus years ago, and thus remember next to nothing of the stories or villains. As such, I enlisted the help of my girlfriend, who is a massive fan of the series, and was there to watch me play through most of the game. She is also a non-gamer, which is why I was the one in charge of the controller


Goosebumps The Game is a classic point and click adventure title. You control a mouse pointer around the screen with either the analogue sticks or by using the Joy-con controller as a pointer of sorts. The game is presented with static screens, and you move from screen to screen using the D-pad.

This style of point and click adventure is most reminiscent to those from the mid 90’s to early 00’s, drawing comparisons to games like Myst or Muppet Treasure Island. It is extremely old-school, which I rather enjoyed. My girlfriend on the other hand, found it rather boring. She got excited by the many references to the books, but couldn’t stay interested for the long haul.


The gameplay basically breaks down to collecting items, then using those items to solve puzzles. Once a puzzle is solved, it will either grant you a new item to solve a different puzzle or open up a new area for you to explore filled with new puzzles.

You will be using items on other items, then using those items on things in each room. Most of the puzzles are simple and logical to work out, but typical of all point and click games, there are some puzzles that will need to be solved by randomly using items on absolutely everything to work out what to do next.


As far as the art style goes, it is very reminiscent of the books. Each monster has the look of how they appear on the covers, from the Monster Blood, to the evil gnomes. My girlfriend got excited when she recognized the dead house, as well as seeing Amaz-O in front of a storm drain.

The sound is where the game starts to slip. There is ambient music in the background which is perfect at creating a creepy vibe throughout the game. Unfortunately, that is as impressive as the sound gets. There is no voice acting here, which I somewhat expected going in, but it was a turn off for my girlfriend.

No matter how big of a fan she is of Goosebumps, she couldn’t help but feel bored by the amount of reading involved. She felt like the game would have been better as a book because of this. Not my thoughts on the matter, but it was definitely an interesting perspective to get nonetheless.



Goosebumps The Game is a competent game, with a decent story that makes a slew of references to the books in the series. These references will please fans, but the point and click adventure style may turn off those who aren’t used to that type of gaming. As a point and click adventure game, Goosebumps is ok at best, being beaten out by many other entries in the genre. It is a little too in the old style to keep up with modern entries and may alienate its intended audience because of it.





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