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I hope you are prepared for something a little different. Although Miketendo64 do engage in preview articles, they’re typically on games that are playable on Nintendo platforms, during the time we play them, but not today.

Aftercharge preview

Today’s preview pays attention to PC beta we had the chance to play this earlier this month, but since Aftercharge is actually Nintendo Switch confirmed and expected to release this year, we shouldn’t we be allowed to write about it?

But, what is Aftercharge? Formally named Electric Panic, back when was being developed with a top-down perspective in mind, Aftercharge is a first-person “asymmetrical team game” by Chainsaw Games. Only if the word “team” has you picturing an online shooter, with multiple players a Team Deathmatch game, you’re not too far off the mark.

What you should actually be picturing though, is a competitive 3v3 brawler/shooter game that forces two very different kind of robots to do battle against one another. One kind are the Workonics, whereas the others are Enforcers and there are a couple of differences between them. For starters, the Workonics are large and can go invisible, whereas Enforcers are nimble and are invincible and its how these guys battle, which is what makes Aftercharge stand-out the way it does.

Instead of being a game where it is every robot for themselves, or the team with the most kills wins, Aftercharge comes with a particular objective that makes gameplay rather engaging. With 6 Extractors dotted all over the small maps, the Workonics are tasked with destroying them, whereas the Enforcers need to track down the invisible Workonics and put them out of commission.

Just because the Workonics can be disabled though, it doesn’t mean they are out for the count as Workonics can revive each other and there is no limit or cooldown to worry about, but if all 3 are out for the count, its game over, so always try to revive your fallen comrades.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away about Aftercharge, since a lot of this stuff, is what we’d normally cover extensively in a review, but Aftercharge was enjoyable and although there were instances in the beta where I had some connectivity issues, I did enjoy what I played and am greatly looking forward to the full version. Especially since the game now has 10 different classes of robots and each one is pretty spectacular, especially the Workonics and their specials. The full classes consist of:


Workonics: (Attackers)

  • Bubbles
  • Buddy
  • Cyclops
  • Glitch
  • Turbo


Enforcers: (Defenders)

  • Builder
  • Huntress
  • Liquidator
  • Striker
  • Tinker

Personally, although I could not put in as much time as I would have liked, I did find the action to be engaging and the fact that the short matches actually did it justice, for the pacing is perfect. It may take some time to learn, but Aftercharge does seem like one of those games that is worth picking up and taking your time with it. Now with that out of the way, below you can find an assortment of images we have prepared for you, as well as a trailer for Aftercharge:

Should you wish to take a peek at the game’s setting, you can do so with the overview below:

Decades ago, the energy company Aftercharge corp. commissioned a settlement on the distant planet Dusk 11 to exploit the unhinged source of Quanta energy residing at its core. To build the automated extractors, the company created a line of worker robots called workonics with the unique ability to go stealth to avoid corporate espionage. Once the construction was complete, Aftercharge corp. left the planet entirely leaving their discarded workonics behind. With the Quanta now approaching depletion, the core of Dusk 11 is more unstable than ever before. Subterranean seismical activity triggered the release of a powerful charge of Quanta which reanimated all the workonics on the surface. The worker robots are now back online with one goal in mind, wrecking the extractors siphoning the planet. Catching word of this robotic mutiny, Aftercharge corp. is sending its special enforcer squad to thwart the uprising and protect their precious installations.

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