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With plenty of buzz around Panic Button Games at the moment, due to the release of Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus and the reveal of Warframe for Nintendo Switch, it’s safe to say they are making headlines, but this is something you might not have read about just yet.

Due to a huge port related article we ran yesterday, we reached out to various developers, including Panic Button Games and they had something rather interesting to say. Talking to Panic Button’s Adam Creighton, he had the following comment with regards to the Switch release of Wolfenstien II:

Here’s a complicated example – I’m not sure I would call Wolfenstein II for Nintendo Switch a “port” in the traditional sense. We started Wolfenstein II before the game was completed, though it had been started before the Nintendo Switch was added as an additional release target. So then you get into, “How long between the same game releasing on different platforms makes it a port?” There is so much people outside the game industry don’t know about development and budgets and distribution and partnerships that makes that not as a straightforward as one might think. That’s why I go to that, “started, development, finished, released after the first release” kind of logic.

Wolfenstein II port

There was also another comment he made with regards to ports as well, which you can also see here, this time concerning how Panic Button Games don’t port games, but “re-target them” to new platforms:

At Panic Button, we don’t “port” per se – We re-target games to new platforms, and that is not a terminology spin. Re-targeting is a mentality we have that informs our development process and work and drives us (wherever feasible) to make the game special for its new home, and for its new gamers.

For more from Adam Creighton, we’d highly recommend you checking out our What Defines a Port? Article as there’s a lot more gold to it, than what we have shared above.

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