Now that Splatoon 2 has done away with the weekly weapon drops and replaced them with monthly weapons, now the time has come to share news on the weapons players can go on to expect to go hands on with next month:

June 2018

Custom Dualie Squelchers:

The Custom Dualie Squelchers provide great mid to long range attack. They have the same stats as vanilla Dualie Squelchers, but can keep opponents in check with the Splat Bomb sub, and support allies on the front lines with the Ink Storm special! According to Sheldon, this set is for true playmakers – those tacticians who want to boost the effectiveness of their teammates for maximum inkage!


Rapid Blaster Pro Deco:

The Rapid Blaster Pro Deco is a Rapid Blaster Pro emblazoned with decorations from professional…decorationer-ers! The Splash Wall sub lets you push out the front lines and set up shop, and the Ink Armor special gives teammates the courage they need to join you in the heat of battle! We’d recommend it for aggressive players who can manage their range.

Undercover Sorella Brella:

The Undercover Sorella Brella brings all the specs of the original with a snappy new design! Pin back the opposition with Splat Bombs, then close the distance and go toe to toe! You can also pop the Baller special and roll your way right into the heart of enemy turf! Sheldon recommends this set for players that want to live out their dreams of being an action-movie star!

Carbon Roller Deco:

The Carbon Roller Deco is a Carbon Roller specially decorated by top designers. Burst Bombs enable you to quickly finish off wounded opponents, and the Autobomb Launcher allows you to gain control of giant areas of turf. Recommended for players who like making big messes in a short amount of time.


One new stage will also be added next month, but there has yet to be any details said on it, other than: “May is coming to an end, which means the first X Power reset. How did you fare during the first month? The next X Rank battles will soon commence and run through June. Along with this, four fresh weapons and one new stage are being added!” We’ll share news on what the stage is, once it drops.



Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)

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