[Patch Notes] Splatoon 2 Version 2.3.2 for Nintendo Switch (Arowana Mall Has Returned to Stage Rotation)

It may not be April yet, which is when the epic Version 3.0 of Splatoon 2 drops on us, but the latest update available, is still good nonetheless. It is only a small one, but Arowana Mall has been fixed and it’s back in rotation! The “full” patch notes can be seen here:


Version 2.3.2:


Changes to Splatoon 2 Multiplayer:

  • Issues where players would slide or perform a super landing in Arowana Mall would sometimes lead to them being treated as though they landed outside the map have been fixed.
  • Issues where it was difficult to discern between different colors of ink in Goby Arena during festivals have been fixed.


Source: en-americas-support.nintendo.com


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