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Hey guys, I hope you’re ready for a revamped blast from the past, because that’s exactly what we’re going to give you! With #KirbyWeek now upon us, we thought we’d bring back the Mario & Me type of interviews we did for #MarioWeek, except this time, we’re calling it Kirby & I and the only people we’ve got round to questioning are developers and publishers in the video game industry.

To kick off the first instalment, we are joined by Marty Kugler of 13AM Games, and this is what he had to say for himself:


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Q1. What is the First Kirby game you played? Nightmare in Dreamland on the GameBoy Advanced.  It was actually the first game I had for the console and I ended up playing through it dozens of times.

Q2. What is the Last Kirby game you played? I think it was actually Kirby’s Dream Course.  I just recently managed to get my hands on a Super NES Classic and have been running though several older games.

Q3. Do you have a favourite Kirby game? Kirby’s Air Ride, no question!  While Nightmare in Dreamland is my favourite traditional Kirby game, nothing can match the hours of fun my friends and I used to have in City Trial back on the GameCube.

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Q4. Do you have a favourite Kirby ability? Gotta go with Stone!  A time tested classic, and my go-to strategy when playing Kirby in Smash Bros.

Q5. Do you have a favourite Kirby character? Definitely gotta go with the pink puff ball himself!

Q6) Have you tried the Kirby Star Allies demo for Nintendo Switch? Wait, there’s a demo?  When did this happen?  Why was I not informed?

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Q7.Will you be buying Kirby Star Allies for your Nintendo Switch? Probably!  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a Kirby game, but since I always have my Switch with me on my commute I’ve finally got the opportunity!

Q8. Do you own a Kirby amiibo? Of course!  The Kirby amiibo for Smash Bros was actually the first one I bought.  Gotta represent my main!

Q9. Do you have a favourite Kirby moment? Definitely the whole final boss fight in Nightmare in Dreamland.  From beating Dedede, to going up against Nightmare, that whole sequence is one of my favourite moments in any game.

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While we won’t be hearing from Marty again this week, we do have a few other fun developers/publishers who have answered our questions and in the next instalment, we’ll be hearing from none other than Mastiff Games’ David Bruno!


#KirbyWeek is just getting started!


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