Initial E3 2018 Floor Plans have Nintendo Occupying the same Amount of Floor Space as Last Year

There can be no denying it, in the last two years Nintendo have had a greatly decorated floor space thanks to their Mario and Link themes and they could be doing the same again this year.

Floor plans for E3 2018 have come in and almost every developer from last year is having the same amount of floor space, in the same areas, except Square Enix have gone a little bigger this year (possibly for Kingdom Hearts.) It is not yet known if Nintendo will pick one of their upcoming titles and make that their showcase, with the entire floor space dedicated to it, like they did the last two years, or if they’ll go smaller and honour a few games they’ve got going on, but we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, here’s a couple of images of the floor plans, which are not final at this time:

Source: ResetEra


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