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Whether you’re a Fire Emblem fan or a casual gamer, odds are you’ve heard about Fire Emblem Heroes, as the hit mobile application has been out for more than a year now and is as popular as ever. What you might not know however, is that the app actually has a manga that is posted to the official Japanese site, but an English translation does exist!

Yes that’s right, there is an official manga, currently at 12 Chapters long (which is only actually 12 pages) and thanks to Coolmanio over on Serenes Forest, Coolmanio has provided an English translation, which you can now see for yourself, right here:

Screenshot (704)桂イチホ001olふくろうのフェーolFEH Manga P3FEH Manga P4FEH Manga P5FEH Manga P6FEH Manga P7FEH Manga P8FEH Manga P9FEH Manga P10FEH Manga P11FEH Manga P12

*All credit goes to Coolmanio for translating the manga and then sharing it and Linkmstr for the typesetting.



Source: fire-emblem-heroes.com & Coolmanio (Serenes Forest)

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