[Feature] The Games You Want on Switch & an Advanced Wars Title for Mobile Devices (Miketendo64 Twitter Poll Results)

Do you know why we like Twitter so much? It’s a great and a quick way to interact with our friends, our followers and supporters.

Twitter is a responsive and decent platform, in which we can use to host our giveaways and conduct polls to see what your interests are, so as to ensure we’re providing the content you want to be reading about, regarding the games you want to know about and the ones you need to know about. It’s our way of giving back to and having run a couple of polls the last few weeks, it’s time to reveal which games chosen by you, take priority and what you hope is in store for Switch and mobile devices, out of the options we gave you. So, let’s see those results shall we?

To everyone who voted, liked, retweeted and even commented, we thank you very much. We always love to hear from you and can’t wait to see how you vote on the next series of polls we have planned!



Until next time, keep on gaming!


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