Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Review

Disney fans might get some moments of rush either by seeing their favorite characters interacting with each other in the development of a nice story, or by sinking their teeth into the Disney collectibles available, which include old Silly Symphonies or Mickey Mouse cartoons that become available to be watched. However, those who have a lesser degree of admiration for the company will find a game that is uninspired and that feels rushed due to the fact it falls so far away from its predecessor. The eight hours of adventure are, sadly, neither intense nor unforgettable. They are, actually, an awfully sad sight, because as far as being a gamer goes, there is nothing sadder than watching a title with good heart, intentions and ambitions fall flat on its face.


Its good heart, concept, and ambition are precariously held together by uninspired gameplay

power_two2Sequels always carry some degree of intrigue. If they are the continuation of a memorable title, they present the remarkable challenge of not only achieving, but trying to find a way to surpass the game that preceded them. However, if they come on the heels of an underwhelming, or even bad, gaming experience, they provide an unusual positive situation. After all, with the reading of the many reviews across the press, and the listening to fans’ complaints and suggestions, developers are faced with a clearly drawn path right in front of their eyes, and, if they follow the suggested recipe, the outcome will most likely be a clear improvement over what came before.

The original Epic Mickey had to live up to high hopes, and rightfully so, since it was the work of the devotion of one…

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