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For the players just itching for reason to go back to Blaster Maser Zero, one such reason as arrived for version 1.5 is out this week and it comes with the all-new Blaster Battle Mode and here’s everything that has been said about it on the official site:


Extra Modes: Blaster Battle Mode (Nintendo Switch only)

  • Clearing the game will unlock “Boss Blaster Mode” where you fight every boss and mid-boss in the game in succession.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version, you can recruit a friend to fight alongside you in “Co-Op Boss Blaster Mode!”
  • In the Boss Blaster Mode main hub area, you’ll find doors leading to each boss in the game.
  • Use all the weapons at your disposal to get the fastest time.
  • You’ll get access to all sub-weapons, even ones you didn’t have during the main game.
  • You’ll need knowledge, skill and maybe a bit of luck to get the fastest time!
  • You can use any acquired EX Characters in Boss Blaster Mode. Take your time playing together as your favourites and find you devastating tag-team of mutant destruction.
  • After updating the game to Version 1.5, “Blaster Battle Mode” will be added to the second page of the Extra menu.
  • On the mode settings, you can choose the match type, rules and stage, and then start the battle!
  • If you prefer, you can hop into a 1 vs 1 battle against the other player.
  • The weapons SOPHIA III comes equipped with will differ based on which character you choose.
  • Various items will appear out of nowhere during battles. They may be recovery items, power-ups, or something else!


As for when the update rolls out, well according to the video we’re sharing below, it’s on the 23rd of November and should it consist of anything else, we’ll be sure to let you know:

Source: Inti Creates

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