Splatoon 2: Fourth European Splatfest Ends in Pearl’s Favour!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the results are in for the 4th European Splatfest are in and once again, Pearl’s team have emerged victorious!


Having actually picked Warm, and attempted to do my part for 6 hours yesterday, I was actually surprised Warm won as out of all the games I played yesterday (I lost count after 60,) I only actually won two of them and yet, according to the final results, Warm won more Solo matches than they lost and won the popularity vote as well. As far as Team battles go though, Cold won the majority there.

So since the results are in, whether your team won or lost, you can now collect your prizes, but yet again Marina has failed to secure her first official win in Europe, but while she may have gone without a victory this week, the 4th Splatfest in Japan kicks off next week and it is a battle between those who like Karaage with lemon and those who prefer it without lemon and before you ask, Karaage is like a Japanese take on Fried Chicken and no I have never tried it.


 Source: Splatoon 2


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