[Press Release] 3Souls: It’s Complete, There’s New Content and it’s all Available now at an Affordable Price!

While almost everyone else is ready to properly bid the Wii U a final farewell, there are still those who continue to support it and Red Column is one such developer and here is the news they have to share today:



3Souls is finally completed! Launch trailer and big sale.:


Berlin, Germany – October 5th We are really excited to share this news with you! After a long way and hard work, 3Souls is finally completed and today is available for everyone to play!

Nophes and Nidemon join Nelesa with a free update for this game of three chapters that will tell the story of this three Ánimas in the world of Mustland. But as in the real world, each Ánima has a different soul, and the main soul of those will be reflected in the feelings, backgrounds, voices and music of each chapter. We started last year with Nelesa and sad cells of Moon Prison, and now we will continue with the happy Nophes and the luminous streets of Sleepless City and finish with Nidemon and the empty walls of Paperthin Farm.


Here you can watch the final launch trailer of the game! YouTube trailer:

To celebrate the big launch of the patch that will complete the game, and to make sure that we can reach many people to be able to share our adventure, we will make a big sale for a limited time, selling the full game for only: ?0.90 / £0.80 / $0.97.


Source: Red Column PR



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