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SR - Conga Master Party.jpgDeveloper: Undercoders

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Party, Multiplayer & Arcade

Release Date: 28th of September, 2017 (PAL & NA)



For the players looking for an arcade game they can bop their head to, your wish is soon to be answered as Conga Master Party dances its way to Nintendo Switch, next week and having gone hands on with it this past weekend, it is a game worth talking about.


Being a console that gamers and developers are falling in love with, there is no shortage of strange games on Nintendo Switch and the soon to be latest is Conga Master Party, which is both a party game where doing the Conga is the only way to win and an enhanced version of Conga Master that comes with more bizarre content. Content such as 2 exclusive modes for multiplayer, two new stages available for both single and multiplayer modes (Conga Burger and Conga’s Palace) and amiibo support! No that’s not a typo, the once named Conga Master, but now Conga Master Party for Switch, supports amiibo in the form of 1 unlockable costume for 12 of the game’s 40+ available characters and I don’t know about you, but that is a nifty and surprising addition.


As for the 40+ characters I just mentioned, 10 of them are new and like the others, they’re all unlockable via the game’s campaign and one such character is none other than Dr. H8 from 88 Heroes, after all, Rising Star Games are bringing 88 Heroes – 98 Heroes Edition to Nintendo Switch next month, so a cameo would make sense! More sense than making a game about forming conga lines, but hey ho, it happened and it works! For such a crazy notion as the aim of the game is to get right up into the personal space of dancers and dance round them so as to get them to your conga line, I actually find it absolutely astonishing how much I enjoyed the game and how addictive it could be, but Conga Master Party is actually pretty good.


Sure the main campaign isn’t all that as it isn’t all that long as it is something that can be beaten in a single hour but with over 40 playable characters (who each have their own style of play and dance stats) and 8 cats to dance around in the main game, you’re bound to miss a few things. So even if you do beat it once, you can be sure you’ll be returning to the fold in a bid to unlock more characters via a wheel of fortune (Bonus Wheel) that can be spun in-between stages thanks to the tokens you’ll get provided you lead enough random strangers out of the night club and watch them get abducted by aliens. Oh did I not previously mention the fact that there’s aliens who go round abducting people part of conga lines and then in a final stage, after they’ve abducted you, you’re forced to make aliens join your conga line and then convince their alien overlord/captain of their space ship to join you, so that he’ll allow you to go home, I know, it’s crazy, but this is a video game about doing the conga after all, going to VIP areas and meeting certain goals.


As for how it all goes down gameplay wise, the objective is to add a set amount of each dancer type (Geeky, Cool, Fashionable and Cute), to your conga line. The reason why this is, is because once a stage begins, a player can not leave it to advance to the next one until they have filled up the meters for the 4 different dancer types, so it is a necessity in order to advance. Also gathering dancers, especially in combo succession, can help refill your Momentum meter a lot faster and since you’ll lose if the meter empties, keeping it topped up won’t be easy. The good news however is each level has power-ups on it, which when used can help maximums how endearing you are to those you’re dancing around, enlarging your appeal distance and even give you more momentum, but each power-up is temporary so you will need to make the most of them while you can.


But while the main campaign isn’t the be all, end all that it could have been, as it feels more business than fun, much like the game’s Endless mode, where you can conga for as long as you possibly can before running out of momentum, Conga Master Party truly comes into its own as a multiplayer experience. With games such as Command and Conga, Conga Hunter, 1, 2, Conga (named after 1, 2, Switch) and Just Conga, there is a mode for everyone, be it if there are just two of you playing, or four of you and because there are a few games, here’s a couple of details about each one, provided by Rising Star Games:


Cut the Conga:

Players race to add dancers to their line and create the longest line before the time runs out. However, any player can collect the Scissors power-up and slice their opponents’ lines to pieces before stealing all their dancers for themselves.

No of Players: 2-4


Mortal Conga:

Initially, all players have to rush around adding pigs (in bubbles) to their conga line to build up as long a line as possible. Then, when the timer runs out, they must fight to burst the lines of the other players. Last player with any conga line left wins.

No of Players: 2-4


Command and Conga:

Two players have to work together to build the biggest conga line possible within the time limit. The only problem? They’re tied together, meaning communication is the key to victory.

No of Players: 2


Grand Theft Conga:

Players fight for control of the lone dancer and try to lure him to their corner of the dancefloor. The longer he’s there, the more their meter builds up; first player to fill the meter 100% wins.

No of Players: 2-4


The Last Conga:

Each player has their own personal Momentum meter and has to fight with other players over dancers to keep it filled. Last player with Momentum wins – however, those eliminated early become hazards to disrupt those still playing.

No of Players: 2-4


Conga Hunter:

Players have to move quickly and try to reach the target number of dancers in their conga line before the other players. First to the target wins.

No of Players: 2-4


1, 2, Conga:

When two players collide they must win a rock, paper, scissors battle played with the Joy-Con.

No of Players: 2-4


Just Conga:

Players will need to grab the Dancer power-up and strike a pose for others to copy! Match the pose or lose your line!

No of Players: 2-4


Having messed around with a few of them, Cut the Conga and Grand Theft Conga are the most fun, but that’s my personal tastes, as the tastes of those reading this can differ but even the lesser enjoyable modes, are still a lot of fun when played with the right people, (meaning not overly serious and/or uptight.) But yes, multiplayer is where Conga Master Party comes into its own and it does justify the partially lacking main campaign, but the music is the best thing of all. Especially the soundtrack that plays on the Spaceship, I could listen to “UFO Party” all day and night long and because this review is getting a little long, it’s time for a conclusion.




By no means is Conga Master Party the best game in the world, but it can a be a lot of fun, it has head boppingly good tunes and is something that can put a smile on your face if you let it, which is something I absolutely did!






*Review Key Provided by Rising Star

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