Pokkén Tournament DX: A Day 1 Update and a Reversible cover for North America & Europe

For the Poké Maniacs looking to pick up Pokkén Tournament DX tomorrow, there’s two things you need to know!


Firstly, while no patch notes have been shared at this time, Pokkén Tournament DX’s first update is available right this second, so when it comes to firing up the game tomorrow after you make your purchase, you might want to make sure you download the Day 1 update first and secondly, if you were going to buy digitally, it’s time to knock the notion on its head. It has been revealed that the physical version of Pokkén Tournament DX features a reversible cover and photos of the cover can be seen right here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know going digital can be easier, but no one wants to miss out on this beauty, so forget digital, some yourself some storage space and go physical, you know you want to.  As for the update, again there are no patch notes about it at this time, but as soon as there are, we’ll be sure to share them in a separate post. But if you are not yet sold on Pokkén Tournament DX, why not check out our review on it? It’s one of the longest written about the game and covers a whole array of things, so it will certainly clue you in, if that is you need!


Source: @CrocOClock (Twitter)


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