To all my Team Invisible brethren out there in North America and Europe, I’m sorry guys, but our best wasn’t good enough!


Nintendo of America has gone ahead and shared the results for both regions and while popularity was a close race, Team Flight dominated both Solo and Team Battles, thus ensuring their 2-1 win. It is a sad day for Team Invisibility, as we fought our hardest, but we did our best and there is always next time! 

Let the record state that while as far as Europe and North America goes in regards to Splatfest, Pearl’s team has now beaten Marina’s team at both Splatfests, so while she may not be as popular as her Octoling counterpart, at least those who fight in her honour, know what it is like to taste victory. In Japan however Pearl only has 1 victory over Marina, as Japan’s second Splatfest has yet to begin, as it takes place next weekend and will be the battle of McDonald’s French Fries vs Chicken Nuggets! So come on Japan based Marina fans, she’s counting on you!


 Source: @NintendoAmerica (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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