Bayonetta Player Two Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews yet another unlikely Amiibo released by Nintendo. This time it is Bayonetta’s turn!

Bayonetta as a franchise is an interesting fit on a Nintendo system and certainly goes against the stereotype of kid-friendly games and characters which is often leveled against Nintendo.  She is overtly sexual, a witch, a feminist, and someone who can kick angels’ butts!  While she is to me, an odd choice in Super Smash Bros. even still today, I love the character and design and Bayonetta is a fun game to play even if you’re not great at action games like me.  So this figure is the rare one I buy where I’m not a massive fan of the game but I like the character enough (and of course, love Amiibo!) to where I had to get it.

Bayonetta Player Two Super Smash Bros Amiibo BoxBox – Unlike the Cloud Amiibo which I recently reviewed, Bayonetta has an excellent color choice that fits the character design well.  This is the high quality packaging we expect…

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