As promised, the new Fire Emblem Heroes broadcast got underway and here’s Miketendo64 stepping in with our detailed coverage.


The broadcast entitled Feh Channel, was a 17 minute long affair that was hosted by Feh, the messenger owl, who works for the Order of Heroes and diligently brings us various notifications in-game and Feh certainly had tons of details to share. Details such as what we can expect from a forthcoming version 1.6 update. New Heroes and lots of new events, but before we go ahead and hit you with our breakdown of what was covered, for anyone who would actually like to see the broadcast, you can see it all right here:


And now onto our breakdown:


New Bound Hero Battle:

  • Arriving on the 7th of August, Etrurian General Cecilla and Delightful Nobel Lilana will be the latest Heroes players will have to face as part of a new Bound Hero Battle.
  • As well as having various skills of their own, the units who work alongside them will have their own tricks for players to contend with.
  • Beating each playable difficulty will reward players with Orbs.

 Screenshot (406)Screenshot (407)

New Grand Hero Hero Battle:

  • Arriving late August, Valter the Dark Moonstone is the latest Hero to be given the title of Grand Hero, whom players will have to beat in order to add him to their roster.
  • One of Valter’s skills is Cursed Lance, which is a skill that is solely exclusive to him.

 Screenshot (408)

All new Tempest Trials:

  • Arriving on the 11th of August, the next Tempest Trials has a Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia theme and is named “Reunited at Last.”
  • Just like before, the more you play, the more points you will earn and the more prizes you can win such as scores.

Screenshot (410)

Tempest Trials: New Features and Changes:

  • Continuous Auto is being added. (Auto battle option for multi0map battles that will continue across multiple maps that can be enabled in the Options menu.)
  • With Continuous Auto on, it will continue until the player has completed every map, or their team has been defeated.
  • New Team Management system will also be at play as players will now be able to create up to 10 reserve teams.
  • For lesser skilled and new players, a new Normal difficulty is also being added to Tempest Trials.
  • A new scoring system will also be enforced that will see players earn triple the points the first two times they head into battle.
  • Bonus Allies: When Bonus allies are used, they will ge ta 10 point boost to HP and a 4 point boost to their other stats.
  • Bonus Allies will also earn twice the EXP and SP and help players get a better score.

 Screenshot (409)

Version 1.6 Update Details:

(Arena Assault:)

  • New Arena mode entitled “Arena Assault” is being added and gets underway on the 8th of August.
  • Upon completion of one map, players are sent straight into another one and a new team must be used as Heroes who were used in previous maps, can not be used again for the duration of the Arena Assault.
  • Arena Assault is advised to be solely for experienced players and does not require the use of Stamina or Dueling Swords.
  • Players of Arena Assault must compete for the highest score they can possible get and will get rewards based on said score.
  • Among the typical rewards, Ceremonial Coins have also been added and although nothing about their use was mentioned in the broadcast, news of what they do is “coming soon.”
  • Arena Assault will also see new items added, with some restoring the life of all your Heroes and another one that will damage your enemies.
  • 3 of the new items can be taking into battle.

 Screenshot (412)Screenshot (411)

(Catalogue of Heroes:)

  • Also being added to Fire Emblem Heroes, is the Catalogue of Heroes.
  • With the Catalogue of Heroes, players can see the silhouettes of Heroes they’ve previously seen. See the Heroes they own, with the Heroes they’ve never encountered being represented with a question mark. (As of now, there are over 150 Heroes available.)
  • Clicking on a Hero players own, will allow them to see their profile, click on their mini character to see their battle animations, listen to their voice lines and review their summoning sequence.


(Additional Version 1.6 Details:)

  • The Max Limit of Heroes Merit is being raised from 2000 to 3000.
  • The Training Tower will see various improvements implemented.
  • Boosts to EXP and SP will be added to the Arena.


Heroes in Swimsuits!: (Nohrian Summer)

  • Following on from the recent Ylissean Summer, a new Nohrian Summer event was announced for Fire Emblem Heroes and is actually underway right now.
  • As well as more maps to play and new quests added, there is also a new Focus Banner that has the likes of Swimsuit versions of Fire Emblem Fates’ Xander, Elise, Female Corrin and Leo available.
  • New character trailer is also out and can be seen here:

Battle of the Beach Voting Gauntlet:

  • Just in case there wasn’t enough beach antics, a new Voting Gauntlet has been announced and will pit the casts of Ylissean Summer and Nohrian Summer against one other.
  • Battle of the Beach Voting Gauntlet kicks off on the 1st of August.

 Screenshot (414)

Six-Month Anniversary Celebration:

(Six-Month Log-In Bonus:)

  • On the 2nd of August, Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates its Six-Month anniversary and has many ways to ensure fun is had by all.
  • For starters it will have a special Six-Month Log-In event that will run on two different occasions (August 7th to August 22nd and Augsut 22nd to September 11th) During said duration players will be able to earn a total of 40 Orbs.
  • During the event though, for any player who logs in on 10 different days, they can earn even more Orbs.

 Screenshot (418)Screenshot (419)

(Quest and Special Maps:)

  • New Daily Training Tower Quests are being added.
  • New Extra Sacred Seals Quests are being added.
  • New Turn Limit Special Maps will be available.
  • New Daily Special Maps will also be added.

 Screenshot (420)

(Starter Support:)

  • As well as everything else that is being offered, there is a new Starter Support event getting underway on August 10th that will do a few things, which includes another Hero Fest event.
  • First Focus appearance rates for the new Hero Fest Banner arriving August 10th will start 5%.
  • A Special Log-In Bonus will also be available, so with those Orbs added to the 40 you can earn from the other Log-In events, a total of 60 Orbs will be available.
  • Also, starting from the 7th of August, appearance rates for 4 and 3characters will be swapped. 4 characters will have an appearance rate of 58% whereas 3 characters will have a reduced appearance rated of 36%.
  • Also from the 7th of August, every first summon of a Focus Banner will be free!

 Screenshot (421)

Without a doubt, things are most definitely heating up in Fire Emblem Heroes and there is no better time to start playing it, or go back to playing it, than next month! Thank you for reading!


Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)

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