Once again a new Global Mission is underway right now in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and for anyone who does know what the new mission entails, (winning the loto in Festival Plaza,) then here is a everything you could possibly need to know from the rules, prizes and end date:



Announcing the Try Your Luck! Global Mission:

Step right up to participate in the last global mission in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!


There’s always a chance to win big by playing the lottery in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon’s Festival Plaza and tourist bureau, and thanks to this global mission at the PGL, you can now score even bigger rewards. In the Try Your Luck! global mission, participants are tasked with collectively playing the lottery 1,000 times between July 25 at 00:00 UTC and August 7 at 23:59 UTC. Everyone who takes the lottery for a spin will earn Festival Coins, and PGL members can earn a sweet bonus, too!

To participate in the global mission, enter the Festival Plaza in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game, and head into the central castle. There, speak to the global mission receptionist to be entered into the global competition. Now it’s time to get your lottery on! Remember to return to the receptionist before the global mission ends and speak with her to ensure that your plays count toward the overall total.


If the goal of 1,000 lottery plays is reached, all who contributed will earn 2,000 Festival Coins. PGL members will earn 4,000 Festival Coins as well as five Rare Candies and a Fast Ball, which is useful for catching Pokémon that run away quickly. PGL members only need to participate in one lottery to earn this reward.


Remember that a PGL account is free, and you have until the end of the global mission time period to create an account and sync your game to earn the bigger bonus. You can Sign up for a PGL account today!


Check out How to Participate in Global Missions if you’d like a more detailed walkthrough on how to join the fun.



Good luck in the “Harvest Poké Beans” global mission! Remember to use Game Sync by May 9 at 23:59 UTC to get your crop of Poké Beans counted toward the grand total.


PGL Global Mission Prize Summary:


-Goal Reached:

  • PGL members earn 4,000 FC.
  • Non-PGL members earn 2,000 FC.


Goal Not Reached (<1,000 Lotos):

  • PGL members earn 400 FC
  • Non-PGL members earn 200 FC


-Individual Contributor (1 Loto):

  • PGL members earn 5 Rare Candies and a Fast Ball.



Source: 3ds.pokemon-gl.com


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4 thoughts on “[Event] Pokémon Sun & Moon’s “Try Your Luck!” Global Mission is now Underway!”
  1. I have registered for the lottery global challenge, and won in the various lotteries but my points are not registering. It’s not working. 😦

    1. You have to talk to the woman you spoke to, to register and she should update it for you.

  2. I have registered for the lottery global challenge, and won in the various lotteries but my points are not registering. It’s not working. 😦

  3. I’ve had the game since launch and have yet to take part in one of these…here goes nothing.

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