[Update] New Content is Now Available Thanks to Battle Sports Mekuru’s New 1.0.2 Update

With its European making its debut later on today and requiring €9.99, a new update for Battle Sports Mekuru has just rolled out and the details of what has arrived can be seen right here:

  • 2 New Battle Moves have been added. (Slide & Cancel)
  • Rule changes: Some items no longer appear when there are just 20 seconds left on the clock.
  • Yellow Square area has been added, which features four playable arenas.


Not fully confirmed though, but it seems the item that allows you to double jump has also been removed and for anyone who had hoped the update would allow them game to appear as Flip Wars when playing on a Switch to English, instead of coming up as its Japanese name, you’re out of luck. So I guess you might just have to wait until Flip Wars releases later today, and hope such a thing becomes possible then, or just buy the game. The choice is yours.


Source: Japanese Nintendo (tumblr)


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