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Just in case the Nintendo Switch didn’t have enough games launching on the 6th of July for Europe, now it has another one!


Revealed by Nintendo, the Western release of Battle Sports Mekuru (aka Flip Wars) arrives 2 days from now for European audiences and you can see an official trailer of the game right here:

As of right now there has been no release date for the North American release, but it is still in the works, and for anyone who wishes to check the game out in the eShop, you can’t. As of now (the time of which I am wrote this article,) Flip Wars’ metadata is not yet viewable in either the NA and EU eShops and nor does it have listing on either the nintendo.com and nintendo.co.uk websites, but rest assured it is on its way. So until such a thing, if you wish to know more about the game, why not check out our review of the game, with the link below:




Stay tuned for more!


Source: Nintendo UK (YouTube)

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