Developer(s)       Bullet-Proof Software


Publisher(s)         Nintendo

Composer(s)         Hirokazu Tanaka

Platform(s)           Game Boy, Game Boy Colour

Genre(s)                 Puzzle

Mode(s)                   Single-Player, Multiplayer





TETRIS, a simple puzzle game with an addictive personality. This block puzzler saw you rotate blocks at 90 degrees to slot them in to make straight lines. The game was fun yet challenging to master. As the games progression you saw the speed of the falling blocks get faster giving off some fast reflexes and tactical gameplay. The game ends when the blocks get to the top of the screen.


If you had a friend who had a game boy and Tetris then this version had a multiplayer mode than can see you battle it out over a game link cable. This was a fantastic feature to have when you’re out and about.


The Game Boy version of Tetris has been more recognized than any other version out there. When this arrived back in 1989 and was bundled with the original game boy – you knew when you bought this handheld that this was the game to show off what the technology could do.

From June 2009, Tetris has sold over 35 million copies – it has been classed and credited the killer app for the handheld. Official Nintendo Magazine ranked  Tetris to be the fifth greatest Nintendo game of all time out of 100 best Nintendo games.




What can we say that doesn’t need saying. Even today Tetris is still as addictive as ever. It has been ported, remade in many different versions and has gone to multiple consoles, handhelds and mobile devices. Tetris lives on as the greatest puzzle game of all time and the Game Boy version is still the best through its simple premise and great soundtrack.




We already know that Tetris and Puyo Puyo has come to the Nintendo Switch which proves that Tetris is never going to die out anytime soon. Tetris is here to stay in the computer game industry for good.

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  1. Tetris is one of the best games ever and arguably the best puzzle game ever. And nothing quite beat the Gameboy version. Yeah, I played a lot of other games on the Gameboy but Tetris was the constant.

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