Let’s be honest, when TumbleSeed released on Switch last month, it was met with a mixed reception.


It’s a great game, features a lot of good ideas, but just like Has-Been Heroes, it is very, very hard. In my review, I stated I actually enjoyed the difficulty, but it is most definitely something that would cause some gamers to give it a miss, instead of playing it but it seems changes are afoot. Revealed on Twitter a new update is in the works for TumbleSeed and it will affect the game’s overall difficulty.  So here’s everything dev Greg Wohlwend had to say about it:

“We know how the current version of the game comes off when played in a review setting. Most likely you’ll play it, decide it’s too difficult, and be done with the game. We’re working on fixing that. So before we solicit more reviews, we’d like to try these ideas out first. Our changes probably won’t ‘save the game’, but we hope to give anyone that wanders into our game a fighting chance at enjoying it. TumbleSeed is the best thing I’ve worked on, which makes the tepid response all the more confusing.”


Since TumbleSeed is a good game with a nice concept to it, I for one hope that the update pans out for them, as it would be great to see more gamers able to enjoy TumbleSeed, as well as reviewers. There is however no release date mentioned for when the update comes out, but as soon as we hear anything, we’ll be sure to share it right here at miketendo64.com!


Source: @aeiowu (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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One thought on “[Update] TumbleSeed Dev Reveals Plans to Adjust the Game’s Difficulty”
  1. Kudos for them taking the time to acknowledge this and fix this. I haven’t played it but heard that’s it’s crazy hard and turned people off by the difficulty. Curious to see how it comes out after this revision.

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