Piranha Plant Tape Racer World of Nintendo Review

Kuribo reviews a new World of Nintendo product from Mario Kart 8. Is this Tape Racer worth adding to your collection? Read on to find out!

While not a brand new product from Jakks Pacific, I have been seeing these Tape Racers on the shelves a lot lately and I like Mario Kart fairly well which has made me more and more curious.  With a lack of new World of Nintendo releases, it seems like a great time to see if Tape Racers are worth collecting, especially since the toy line is so new.  Let’s take a closer look at these toys and see exactly what they are and if they are worth your money.

Piranha Plant Tape Racer World of Nintendo Figure ToyBox – The design here looks pretty similar to other Super Mario World of Nintendo figures but I appreciate that they took an image from Mario Kart.  You can tell immediately what you get in a Tape Racer too.  A figure in a vehicle and some tape.  While the overall box is relatively close to 2.5″ Inch World of Nintendo figures…

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  1. The tape is the start of the Piranha Plant Slide track lol. I would possibly be interested in one of these if they did Donkey Kong. I guess its kind of hard to make toys for Mario Kart since there are so many racers, and most people will only be interested in their favorite.

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    1. Thank you for ID’ing the tape 🙂 I knew someone would be able to help me out! They haven’t done a Donkey Kong racer yet I don’t think but I could definitely see that happening and they already have made Donkey Kong figures in other World of Nintendo lines so there is a precedence. You make a great point about the number of racers in Mario Kart too. Though if we already have Baby Mario and Piranha Plant, I think we have room for more of the main characters…


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