Kuribo reviews a new World of Nintendo product from Mario Kart 8. Is this Tape Racer worth adding to your collection? Read on to find out!

By Kuribo

2 thoughts on “Piranha Plant Tape Racer World of Nintendo Review”
  1. The tape is the start of the Piranha Plant Slide track lol. I would possibly be interested in one of these if they did Donkey Kong. I guess its kind of hard to make toys for Mario Kart since there are so many racers, and most people will only be interested in their favorite.

    1. Thank you for ID’ing the tape 🙂 I knew someone would be able to help me out! They haven’t done a Donkey Kong racer yet I don’t think but I could definitely see that happening and they already have made Donkey Kong figures in other World of Nintendo lines so there is a precedence. You make a great point about the number of racers in Mario Kart too. Though if we already have Baby Mario and Piranha Plant, I think we have room for more of the main characters…

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