Captain Toad Micro Toys – Nintendo Figure/Toy Idea

Love Captain Toad? Find out Kuribo’s idea for toys from this amazing Wii U game. You will wish these existed by the time you finish reading!

If there is one game that has enormous charm and is deserving of more figure support, it is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.  While there are a number of amazing Wii U games, I consider this one to be one of my favorites because it is unique, charming, and a perfect way to relax while still having fun playing a video game.  When the game came out, everyone, including myself was convinced we would see Captain Toad and Toadette get Amiibo support and it never happened.  As cool as that would have been, I have an idea that would be even better and capture the game perfectly!


This site was founded on Amiibo and Micro World (pictured above) coverage.  While you can still find Micro World figures on store shelves on clearance and sadly not selling, at the time it was coming out, it looked really promising for Jakks Pacific.  It…

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