New games are being announced for Nintendo Switch every month and this time around it is Rainy Frog’s turn as today on Twitter that have revealed that Piczle Lines DX is getting the Nintendo Switch treatment!

For those of you who have no idea what Piczle Lines DX is, it is a game we have seen before that was developed by Score Studios and released on smartphone devices earlier this year. It’s also the long-awaited sequel to the hit Piczle Lines that released back in 2010 and was labelled “pure puzzle perfection” by Eurogamer. But because it is a game that has been previously released, it means despite being announced for Switch today, there is actually quite a bit we do know about the game and the following is just a sample of details regarding the smartphone version:

  • It is a free-to-play puzzle game, but does support in-game purchases as new puzzles are available for free and purchase from the in-game shop.
  • It possesses an animated Story Mode that has “gorgeous” comic art.
  • There is a Challenging Puzzle Mode where the Puzzles range from small and easy to challenging and GIGANTIC.
  • There is even Colourblind modes for Android and iOS devices!


But you don’t want to know about that! You want to know about the Switch features right? Well we’ve got those too! In the tweet Rainy Frog sent out, they include an article written by a reporter for IGN Japan and while my Japanese is not perfect, it is decent enough to pick up some really good details:

  • The Switch version is a port of the mobile game.
  • Rainy Frog are aiming for a Summer release.
  • Piczel Line DX is puzzle game and although it can be easy at the start, it can get frustrating as the game goes on and the player progresses.
  • The in-app purchases are gone as buying the Switch version gets you every bit of content the game has, which includes more than 300 stages and more will be added to the game at a later date post-release by Rainy Frog at no extra cost.
  • Although touch-screen is fully supported, what with being a game originally designed for mobile phones, the Switch version does in fact support Handheld, Tabletop and TV mode.
  • Because it supports TV mode, the game can of course be played without touch-screen controls which means, yes Piczle Line DX supports Joy-Con controllers.
  • As for actual gameplay, “you must complete a picture by connecting figures.”


But just in case those aren’t enough details for you, here’s some extra ones straight from the Piczle Club website, followed by the official Switch trailer:

  • Piczle Line DX will be playable at Tokyo Indie Fest on the 14th of May.
  • Details of the European and American release will be announced later.
  • Rule #1: Draw a line to connect the same numbers!
  • Rule #2 Match numbers of the same colour.
  • Rule #3: Draw a line the same length as the number.
  • Story Mode consists of 5 Chapters and 100 puzzles and follows a professor and his Piczle-Matic 3000 camera that turns objects into pixels.
  • Puzzle Mode has hundreds of other puzzles and Puzzle mode’s Puzzle Packs include sports, pets, vehicles, food and more, making up 11 packs altogether.

And that concludes our Piczle Line DX news, but we do hope to have some more Piczle Line DX news for you very soon. So until next time, keep on Gaming!


Source: @RainyFrogGames (Twitter), IGN Japan & Pixczle Club


By Jack Longman

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