What I Want From Amiibo Next

Kuribo shares his thoughts on Amiibo and what Nintendo can do to improve them further. Share your thoughts on the current state of Amiibo in the comments!


I was planning on writing this article a couple of weeks ago because we had almost no knowledge of new Amiibo releases and questions from Nintendo fans about the future of Amiibo were creeping in.  Had Amiibo lost their luster and were no longer selling well?  Did Nintendo have a clear vision for Amiibo going forward?  That got me thinking, what can Nintendo do to lure in new fans and bring some fresh ideas that will keep current collectors hooked?  I have a few suggestions for Nintendo that I thought I would share with you and I hope you’ll consider sharing your thoughts with the community in the comments down below.

Guardian Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Versus LinkKeep Finding Reasons to Use Amiibo – This is my big suggestion to Nintendo for both casual and hardcore fans.  Amiibo’s coolest idea is that they unlock or can be used in games in fun ways.  I don’t think…

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