Rerolling Gear Abilities Returns in Splatoon 2

Get ready for more Splatoon 2 news straight from the official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon, because we’ve got some!

In the first Splatoon, if a player didn’t like the abilities their gear came with, they could pay a visit to Spyke the Sea Urchin and either pay him with coins to reroll gear abilities, or with Super Sea Snails and a similar thing can be done in Splatoon 2.


Only in the two years that have passed, Spyke is no longer in the picture and is replaced by Spiky (Japanese name, could easily be something else in English), who is apparently a big fan of Spyke’s. But don’t worry, Spyke may be gone, but Spiky will happily take your coins in exchange for rerolling your  gear abilities and he’ll even let you keep Ability Fragments, which when you have enough, can be used to give abilities to any gear of your choosing. Also just like before, coins are not the only means of payment as Spiky also accepts Super Sea Snails, but there has been no mention of how they are earned in Splatoon 2 and while we could speculate on how they are obtainable, we’re not going to as we are bound to find out soon enough.

And just like that, today’s Splatoon news has come to an end. Do join us again when we have more Inky goodness for you to read through, but until then, Stay Fresh!

Source: @SplatoonJP (Twitter)


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