But will double be enough though?


Recent sales for the Switch is nowhere as good as its launch period, but then what do you expect from a console that practically sold in the first seven days? Of course it will sell badly as supply becomes non-existent, but according to the Wall Street Journal that is about to change.


Come April   1st Nintendo will double the production of the Nintendo Switch, which will see them manufacture a minimum of 16 million units, but I’m sorry buy 16 million is not a good minimum. While it was in stock, the Switch was selling like hotcakes and its momentum is rather reminiscent of the Nintendo Wii, and yet available units are incredibly low. I get it, the Wii U sold badly, so at least they’re making more units than the number of Wii U’s that sold, but how can Nintendo expect the console to do as well as the Wii, when the supply just isn’t there?


If consumers can’t buy it, then sales for the console will of course be low, so come on Nintendo! Go big or go home. After everything you’ve put into it already, it would be foolish to wimp out now, so make 30 million the minimum and get them out there for the world to enjoy and purchase. Your fans and gamers are waiting!


Source: The Wall Street Journal

By Jack Longman

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