Global Testfire Demo for Splatoon 2 is Available now! (For Japan & North America)

The time to get our ink on is almost upon us, are you ready?


With the first Splatoon 2 Global Testfire set to dominate all next weekend, the downloadable demo is available now from the eShop, for North America and Japan. Granted you can’t actually do anything with it as soon as it’s downloaded until next weekend, but it’s small in size anyway so it won’t take up too much space on your Switch if that’s something you were worried about.

Additionally, just because the demo is not yet available in Europe just yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not on its way, you’ve just got to wait for it a little bit longer, or why wait at all? The Switch is region free, so as long as you change the region on your console and then access the eShop with a user account synced to a Nintendo Account that has Japan or North America set as it’s region, then you can just get the demo that way instead.


Whatever you decide though, stay fresh!


Source: Nintendo Switch eShop



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