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When it comes to new video games, there are three great ways to learn about them. One is to pay attention to what its devs say, the other is to keep an eye on amazon for some leaks, or take a good look at the box for the game and thanks to someone who did just that, we have some new Ultra Street Fighter II news to cover:

  • Ultra Street Fighter II does in fact have a first-person mode. While it was initially teased, it was never actually confirmed and this game mode is called “Unleash! Ha”DO”Ken. Joy-Con controllers are mandatory for this mode.
  • Screenshot shows a timer and various Shadaloo Soldiers. It may be possible to use the Joy-Con as a means of shooting hadoken, but this is just speculation for now.
  • Game box says sort of art gallery will be included and consist of over 250 pages of viewable artwork.
  • Box contains the MT Framework engine. This means Capcoms’ mainstream engine is more than capable of producing games for the Nintendo Switch.


As of this current moment, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is currently without a release date, but that should soon change, especially since whispers and rumours are saying Q2.


Source: Nintendo Everything

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