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From the moment Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon footage was shown in the Nintendo Switch preview trailer, too many of us have let our imaginations run wild over the thought of Mario Kart and Splatoon Switch.

Now I have been talking to a lot of people today, a lot and they’re all saying the same thing, even insider sources and what they are saying is the same as what I have been saying in a ton of Facebook groups today, the Mario Kart game and Splatoon game we saw are just ports. Yes they have better graphics, newer features, such as new hairstyles and weapons for Splatoon and characters and dual items for Mario Kart, but they just ports.

In the last few months there were reports of a Splatoon port happening, we already knew that and Nintendo took to Twitter to tease us, saying “good things to come” whilst posting a Mario Kart related picture. This fresh port with new content is the good thing Nintendo spoke about and what’s more, insider sources have explicitly stated both will be available at launch. But if my sources whom I can not divulge and myself credible enough for you to believe me on this, well what about Emily Rogers as she’s been saying something very similar on Twitter today.


But yes, Splatoon and Mario Kart Switch are just ports, but in Splatoon’s case it’s more of a Hyrule Warriors Legends kind of port, but still a port nonetheless. Hopefully know you know, this “are they or aren’t they?” chatter will either die down completely, or just quieten down.


Source: Emily Rogers (Twitter)

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  • So long as the new content is deep and meaningful, I actually don’t mind this. In fact, in Mario Kart’s case, simply adding a greater variety of characters and tracks is a huge plus. If they can just add some extra modes (like, say, I don’t know, CLASSIC BATTLE MODE) it would easily be one of Nintendo’s best games ever.

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