If you are reading this, then it means you have willingly opted to read up on a number of spoilers that have come to light regarding data that has been mined from the special Pokémon Sun & Moon. Should you wish to not spoil the game for yourself, then look away now because we will not be holding anything back and now we can begin.

The demo is out in Australia, New Zealand and Japan and pretty soon it is going to be out in Europe and North America as well but already dataminers have taken to picking apart the demo to see what they can uncover. Despite most of the demo being expertly scrubbed, there was still a lot of info that was left in and the following information is just some highlights as to what Kaphotics was able to cover:


  • Ash-Pikachu Exists
  • The Leaked final forms for the Starters are in fact real.
  • There is an Alolan Persian.
  • There is also an Alolan Geodude, Greveller & Golem.
  • Pikipek’s entire evolutionary line has been revealed.
  • Morelull’s, Wimpod’s, Salandit’s & Crabrawler’s evolutions have also been revealed.
  • Marshadow has been revealed, along with pre-evolutions to Solgaleo and Lunala.
  • There are also 8 Ultra Beasts uncovered at this time.


Still you don’t have to take out word on all this, you can take Kaphotics’ instead and because that’s enough reading, here are his two videos on what he has found so far and yes there is a lot more than the things listed above:

Be honest, knowing what you know now, what has been revealed via “datamining,” is your excitement for the wonders that is the new Sun & Moon games the same as what it was, or even more so? Let us know in the comments!


Source: Kaphotics (YouTube)




By Jack Longman

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