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For anyone who has lost interest in playing Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, then maybe you should check out No Mario’s Sky, the unofficial Mario version of No Man’s Sky, which you can download onto your PC.

Made in just 72 hours by Ludlum Dare 36, the game sees Mario take on the universe in the hopes of finding the princess. This game is classic Mario meets No Man’s Sky and since it’s a game that most likely won’t be sticking around for long, you might want to download it at your earliest convenience. The link below will take you where you need to go to read up on the gam and find those all-important links for downloading the game. Be sure to click the right file for your particular PC and if you have a Chromebook, try downloading the Linux version.


As of now there is currently no save function and more is being added to the game but what is does have is an infinite universe, a Muscle Toad, “Original Music,” a radical space ship and more. Be sure to check out the YouTube videos below for footage of the game in action and don’t forget to download it! No Mario’s Sky could be taken down any time now so be quick!


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