Keeping Watch In StarFox Guard

Built around the StarFox Universe, StarFox Guard is a cheery little Tower Defense game in which you are enlisted by Slippy Toad’s Uncle Grippy to protect his Mining Facilities from pesky precious metal stealing robots. Your job is to maintain constant vigilance over each facility by using the 12 Security cameras and blasting away invaders with the camera’s attached laser. You can change the position of the cameras and place them pretty much anywhere you like but be warned, if the robots manage to slip pass your defenses and steal the precious metals, you will have Grippy to answer to.


You have 3 levels per facility with and extra levels to unlock per location after completing certain requirements. You gain experience after completing levels which can be used to upgrade your defenses. You can also earn symbols to add to your ID card by completing objectives as well, like beating a friend’s squad online, or completing extra missions. The game also has amiibo compatibility that will allow you to call in the StarFox team. To provide some much needed air support. You can only use the Fox & Falco amiibo and can only do it twice a day but if you scan the amiibo and don’t use the air support, you can scan them again until you do.




As I have already mentioned above, You are enlisted by Grippy Toad to protect his precious metals mining facilities across the galaxy. You have to upgrade the defenses by installing stronger cameras, and other utilities to make the base stronger and have eyes like a hawk to destroy any enemy robots you see. This takes place during the events of Andross’ war on Corneria as regards to where it fits in during the Star Fox Zero Storyline and business is booming for precious metals, especially during wartime as needs become greater obtain precious metals to build fighter ships and weapons.



Gameplay is like a multiple 1st person shooter mixed with a tower defense game, as you personally operate and fire each of the cameras to repel the oncoming invasion of pesky robots. It is easy enough to understand but can take a little getting use to with the constant swapping from one camera to the next. There are even boss levels in which you must take on giant versions of some of your typical invaders. Beating them will take you onto the next world.



The Graphics and general aesthetic of the game is the same as StarFox Zero, they are easy on the eye and still maintain a sharpness yet blocky look that’s inkeeping with the original games of the StarFox series. Very colourful to look at without being too trippy.



The audio to this game is funky and keeps the game light and fun. It helps keep a fun mood to the game even when you are being invaded and having your precious cargo that you swore to protect being taken from you. Plus, who doesn’t like the sound of a laser blast or the occasional explosion in a videogame? 😉


Well, in keeping with our other reviews which are normally penned by Jack Longman, It is time for the Pros & Cons:



  • The Game is fun to play and easy enough for most players, young or not, to understand. Don’t be surprised if your 3 yr old can master this whilst you are still covering the basics.
  • Each level is short and sweet so you can play this when you have little time to do much else or you can invest as much time as you want.
  • Online mode, always good in modern games. You can create squads of your own robots to hinder and steal precious metals from other players across the globe, and you can even take on rival players’ squads as well. Even Friends and family are not far from reach as you can play against them too.
  • Amiibo support, Using the Fox or Falco amiibo will allow you to call in the StarFox team for air support on some levels (including online) which can greatly change the outcome of any mission.



  • The Main game only serves as at large tutorial for online play. It allows you to unlock robots to use in your squad and other utilities but lacks any further commitment after completion.
  • As much as it tries to incorporate different scenarios to keep players interested, it does get very repetitive quickly and is best to play in small doses as not to get bored of it.
  • You have to complete the first Mission (and all its standard levels) to unlock online mode. To some this might not be a problem as it helps teach you the basics first, but for others, it could feel like they are being held back from the get go.


Closing Thoughts And Final Score

It is a fun game for both StarFox fans and non fans. It offers a different kind of gameplay that there is not a lot of on most consoles especially on Nintendo consoles, and I find is a much more interesting Tower Defense game than most I have played before. It can be played in small doses which is handy with my schedule and is probably more than deserving for a port to the 3DS as it would be a nice little game to play on the go.

With that in mind I give this game an honest score of…


If you would like to see some gameplay of the game, be sure to check out our featured episode in the Wii U Lv1 Playthrough Series.