Part 4 of 4.

With the end of October in sight, welcome back to our efforts to highlight some formidable games all releasing on the Nintendo Switch this month. Having already covered the likes of Bish Bash Bots, HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED 2 – Turbocharged, Warm Snow, and Dave the Diver, it is now time to share our final selection of four games releasing this month:


[Guide] 16 Games Releasing on Nintendo Switch | October 2023 (Part 4)

Varenje – Don’t Touch The Berries (October 26, 2023)

Publisher: JoyBits

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 571 MB

Price: $9.99


Get yourself a little summer’s day with a raspberry jam adventure!

Varenje is a cute colorful adventure with a number of puzzles and mini-games made by artists for anyone that considers games to be an art.

Eight unique & gorgeously hand crafted chapters await you. Hours and hours of game play will take you to a far away enchanting place.

Our hero was spending summer happily at the cosy cottage until curiosity forced him to sample an unknown berry at the stream. Before he knew it, everything had become incredibly large, and he was reduced to the size of a bug!

Trying to understand what happened and how to return things back to normal, we set off into the invisible to the human eye tiny world, where worms, beetles and spiders live their life, and build bizarre vehicles, in disguise so that humans do not realize.

Our new friends will surely help us by discovering the secret healing potion, which will return us to our previous dimensions. All we need is to collect enough raspberries to cook grandmother’s jam. And as we all know – this is a remedy for all ills!

Horror Tale 2: Samantha (October 26, 2023)

Publisher: EpiXR Games

Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 387 MB

Price: $9.99


You’ll have to immerse yourself in a thrilling and exciting adventure together with the main characters! Children have been missing for a long time in Lakewitch, and you are destined to solve this creepy mystery. Who is the kidnapper, and why is he doing it? Where are the children disappearing to, and how to save them? You can solve all the puzzles and find out the answers…if you don’t get scared!

In this part of our horror, you will meet Samantha and try to get out of prison with her. You will get to know new secrets of the terrible kidnapper, which will lead you to new frightening discoveries. On the way to your goal, puzzles, icy moments of fear, unexpected twists and turns, and lots of fun await you!

The story will develop rapidly and very unpredictably. This horror game is an exciting, fun, and scary adventure to America of the ’90s!

Kraken Academy (October 27, 2023)


Genre: Action, Platformer

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 1.2 GB

Price: $16.99


Little kraken in danger!

Dive headfirst into this 3D action/racing game, run at full speed, jump to avoid dangers and hit the finish line!

Help Voulpy in his adventure! His little brother has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to travel through various worlds to find him!

Beaches, jungles, snowy mountains, flaming dungeons – you won’t be short of challenges, but be careful not to end up as crab bait…

To become the coolest kraken on the islands, the game has a multitude of costumes to unlock, pirate or unicorn – it’s up to you to choose.

So if you love octopuses, the beach, and adventure, set out on an adventure in Kraken Odyssey!

Key Features:

  • Run at full speed, jump to avoid dangers and hit the finish line!
  • More than 30 levels to discover, each with missions and medals to collect!
  • Unlock a multitude of costumes, from pirate to unicorn to become the coolest kraken!
  • Travel through various worlds! Beaches, jungles, snowy mountains, flaming dungeons…

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale (October 31, 2023)

Publisher: Team17

Genre: Party, Multiplayer, Music

No. of Players: 1 (Single System) | 2 – 30 (Online)

File Size: 1.6 GB

Price: $19.99


Have you ever looked at a Pigeon and thought, “what is going on in your head?”

Well, think no more! Headbangers Rhythm Royale puts you and 29 others into the eye of the Pigeon while you battle it out in rhythmic challenges to find out who is the ultimate Master Headbanger.

Compete against each other in mind- bending musical minigames, screw over your competitors with powerups, and collect Crumbs to customise your very own Pigeon!


Gameplay Features:

  • Minigames: Grab your friends and battle through minigame madness through online cross platform multiplayer. With 23 minigames across 4 rounds, each Headbangers level contains a new challenge with a stimulating and unique musical twist! Each round escalates in difficulty, progressing musical frenzy until the final round– keep as cool as a coo-cumber and get that bread!
    • Minigames will test your memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time and most importantly… your rap ability! Simple controls paired with engaging gameplay, means this musical party is available for all!
  • Customisation: Design your Pigeon from hundreds of unique items, including outfits, hats, glasses, voices, taunts and more. For every game you play, you earn Crumbs which can be spent in the Shop to purchase full costumes, costume items, taunts, sounds and more! Your Pigeon is your common canvas to mix and match items, allowing players to create and craft your ultimate Pigeon masterpiece, just like the famous painters Pigecasso and Michelangelcrow.
    • Found yourself at the top of the leader board? Besting your friends? Be sure to spend those hard-earned Crumbs on some in game taunts to rub your wins in your fellow Pigeon’s faces, making your victories so much sweeter!
  • Progression: Complete challenges to unlock customisation for your pigeon and progress through the in-game battle pass. Collecting Crumbs and XP through in game powerups, extra bonus rounds, and completing rounds will help you be the most stylish bird in the flock!
    Cross play + Multiplayer: Play with up to 30 Pigeons on any platform. No matter your friend’s device of choice to play on, you can flock together, battling it out to see who is crowned the Master Headbanger!

All details regarding the games above were true at the time we sourced them directly from Nintendo’s own website. If there are any changes between now and each game’s eventual release, we apologize in advance and we hope you have enjoyed the selected titles so far. We’re going to be putting this series on a little hiatus, but don’t fret, we will still be highlighting the biggest games releasing each month. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed this series so far.

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