Hello Goodboy

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In this explanatory review, we’re covering Hello Goodboy by developer Rolling Glory Jam:

Hello Goodboy

Hello Goodboy (The Explanation)

Hello Goodboy is a heartwarming and captivating adventure game that takes players on a soul-stirring journey through the afterlife, though that part is slightly hidden from you in the early game. Meet Iko, a young boy who finds himself in the unknown realm beyond, with no recollection of how he got there. Luckily, he is accompanied by his loyal and familiar canine companion, Coco, who will be his guide in unraveling the mysteries of this new existence.


As you embark on this extraordinary trek, you’ll traverse both strange and strangely familiar places, encountering fellow souls on their own unique quests in the afterlife. To make progress and understand Iko’s purpose in this ethereal world, you’ll extend your kindness to these souls by granting them generous favors. Paying it forward and helping others will be essential to the heartwarming narrative that unfolds before you.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Hello Goodboy, as the game masterfully crafts a personal fairy tale ambiance. The storyline is designed to tug at your heartstrings, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity as you explore the afterlife with Iko and Coco. The design of the game feels akin to an illustrated children’s book animated and brought to life in the characters and world design. As you move through the various sections usually scrolling left to right or top and bottom in a 2D plane, you will encounter unique and curious characters some animals and objects that talk and are brought to life.


Throughout your adventure, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and collect bundles of joy, piecing together the intricate puzzle of Iko’s presence in the land beyond. Among the many tasks and interactions, there’s one delightful activity that stands out – giving endless belly rubs to Coco! The game rewards you with heartwarming moments of connection as you shower Coco with love and affection. Hello Goodboy’s gameplay loop has you helping others and working through fixing issues and sharing kindness to others. In one of the early areas, I helped connect a hedgehog who wanted a friend with a young girl who was looking for someone to enjoy the sea saw with. Ultimately, Hello Goodboy, is about friendship and helping others.


As Iko and Coco befriend various inhabitants of the afterlife, such as an anxious couple and an overworked lumberjack, you’ll discover that each character has a captivating story to share. By helping them overcome their challenges, you’ll create strong bonds and form meaningful relationships.


However, time is a precious commodity in this realm. Your choices will significantly impact Iko’s journey and relationships, as you decide which souls to spend time with. Visiting certain characters may prevent you from connecting with others, making every decision a meaningful one. These choices lead to multiple possible endings, ensuring that your experience is unique and deeply personal.


Coco, the faithful companion, is more than just a dog in Hello Goodboy. He’s the closest friend anyone could hope for in the afterlife, and his keen nose, combined with Iko’s problem-solving skills, will prove invaluable in uncovering the metaphysical mysteries scattered throughout the world beyond. From a story standpoint, Hello Goodboy, offers a unique view of the world and our actions that many games never touch on. To keep Coco’s spirits high and the “Goodboy-o-meter” fulfilled, pamper him with belly rubs and playful interactions with toys. These endearing moments not only strengthen the bond between Iko and Coco but also add to the overall warmth and charm of the game.


In conclusion, Hello Goodboy promises a heartwarming and emotionally resonant adventure, where you’ll explore the afterlife with Iko and his loyal dog companion, Coco. Prepare to be enchanted by its personal fairy tale atmosphere, immersive gameplay, and delightful graphics. As you solve mysteries, help fellow souls, and make impactful choices, you’ll discover the power of friendship and the beauty of life beyond the mortal realm.


Get ready to experience a memorable and soulful journey like no other. If you are looking for a heart-warming tale of love and empathy for others and a game that is more about the story, Hello Goodboy is a serviceable tale with care and compassion strewn throughout.


Hello Goodboy

Hello Goodboy (The Gameplay)

Game Specifications:

Developer: Rolling Glory Jam
Publisher: Freedom Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Adventure
No. of Players: 1 (Single System)
Release Date: NA|EU: May 25, 2023
File Size: 1.8 GB
Nintendo.com Listing

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