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March has arrived and with it, a treasure trove full of games is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch eShop. In fact, there’s such an extensive collection coming that it was impossible for us to pick just 16 games, so please join us as we highlight 24 of the upcoming games that are releasing this month. Without any further ado, here’s our first four picks:


[Guide] 24 Games Releasing on Nintendo Switch this March (Part 1)

The Smile Alchemist (March 2, 2023)

Publisher: KEMCO

Genre: Simulation, Adventure, Role-Playing

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 148 MB

Price: $19.99


In Polta Kolta, a town where humans and beasts live together, the young Nayc becomes an apprentice and is training hard under the famous alchemist.
His aim is to become the best alchemist in the world for a promise made with his precious friend, but a matter of great concern is worrying him…

The Smile Alchemist is an alchemist simulator containing the fun elements of character development, collection and above all not to forget alchemy!

Railway Islands – Puzzle (March 2, 2023)

Publisher: QUByte Interactive

Genre: Puzzle, Board Game, Strategy, Other

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 355 MB

Price: $3.99


A minimalist and relaxing experience with a unique look. You are the manager of a railway line responsible for delivering resources to Islanders, residents of a group of distant islands. Create a safe path and deliver all the resources to the small towns on the islands.



  • 50 islands.
  • 4 variation of environment.
  • Satisfying and relaxing sound effects.
  • Unique puzzles.
  • A minimalist and relaxing experience.

Gunman Tales (March 2, 2023)

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Genre: Arcade, Action, Multiplayer

No. of Players: 1 – 4 (Single System)

File Size: 40 MB

Price: $6.99


You’re a wild west bounty hunter on a mission to find the Legendary Lost Treasure. Along the way you will have to defeat many outlaws and retain their gold and useful items to increase your abilities so that you might survive the perils.

But there’s much more to experiencing the game than as a mere lone ranger. You can also play against up to four cowboy pardners for fantastic co-op action.



  • Epic wild west cowboy action adventure
  • 12 diverse and challenging stages
  • Local multiplayer for 1-4 players
  • RPG elements like weapons and upgrades

The Atla Archives (March 3, 2023)

Publisher: Elushis

Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing, First-Person, Action

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 2.1 GB

Price: $14.99


You are tasked with a crucial mission: to fill the Fountain of Absence using the Ark of the Covenant. The fate of the nation rests on your shoulders, as quenching the fountain is the only way to avert a cyclical catastrophe that occurs every 29 days. Explore an open-ended world where you are free to go where you please, but be warned: the journey will not be easy. You must upgrade your stats, conjure items and magic, and survive the colorful 3D world of mysticism and danger on the Nintendo Switch™. Will you be able to uncover the source of the catastrophe and save Atla? The choice is yours.

All details regarding the games above were true at the time we sourced them directly from Nintendo’s own website. If there are any changes between now and each game’s eventual release, we apologize in advance and we hope you have enjoyed the selected titles so far. For even more games, we hope you come back for the next instalment.

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