Splattergeddon: The Empire Inks Back

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

spOkay, I’m just going to come right out and say it, I love the sight of freshly spattered ink in the morning. I may have been severely delayed by poor connection when I went to commence Round 2 of Splatfest, but between the hours of half three to half seven in the morning, I went all out.

IMG00051-20150705-0652Just one more game.

Oh, one more fight wouldn’t hurt.

Whoops I joined another of well.

It’s only one more but it’s never just one more, is it.

More Like a million and One.

I guess you could say I just got hooked into all the madness and that no matter how many glitches came my way, I kept on, even when I kept disconnecting and losing my place with the squidtastic squads I kept finding myself aligned with. I honestly can’t believe how addicted I got with it though and it was the same with many gamers world over, all in it to Win it and Team Rock totally won it, as did the Big Dogs. Mind you #TeamRock did have a great mantra to spur us on.

“Wii will, Wii will, Rock U!”

Plus I have a manic, addictive personality anyway, it’s just the way I have always been and once a videogame gets under my skin like this, I will play the hell out it, such as Bayonetta 2 & Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This time, damn! I had it bad and time just flew so quickly, and every time I glanced at the time on my blackberry phone and treasured camera for the photos accompanying this post, it was just getting later and later but played on I did, may as well round of to the next 5000 coins. May as well play a couple more just to level up, to increase my rank and unlock the next ability on my equipped gear.

Those thoughts spurred me on like a lover whispering sweet nothings you during rigorous intercourse, I always knew deep down I was never going to let myself walk away from the event, not until I reached Eternal, I wanted those prizes far too much and you know what, I got my 24 Super Sea Snails, like so many of us did and better yet, Team Rock WON! We won by a rockslide and burst Team Pop’s bubble of hope. (POP Went the Competition). Better yet the competition really furthered my skills in this game, better understanding the levels, the best routes to take for surprise ink attacks, covering the most areas and winning and of course levelling up and damn did I level up.

I earned just as much coin as I spent and added a huge range of weapons to my arsenal, included my new personal favourite weapon the Krak-on Splat Roller because come on, be honest, who doesn’t like turning into a spin attacking, super slick sliding Kraken, during the middle of a battle, when the other team ambushes you (the shoe is on the other foot now fellas). And I like totally got some new kicks and headwear to go with my spiffing Splatfest tee and new weapon. Hang on a second, struck a cord there, Splatfest is over and they took my tee man, they TOOK my t-shirt! Nooooo! That was like my bragging rights dude!

IMG00053-20150705-0658I know, totally getting off level here, I’ll blame it on the sleep deprivation, but honestly, what’s wrong with some excitement. A 24 hour long, online event has occurred across the game, where gamers took up their pads, topped up their ink and raged war on a game that only came out this year, a game that isn’t as famous as Zelda or Mario, or Call of Duty and yet, it played at their level. It got us gaming, learning, and it got some of us Eternal. All of that, was a huge, ground-breaking stuff for Nintendo and their all-new game. Further proof that Nintendo can still pull their weight in the big boy leagues and catch the likes of PS4 and Xbox off guard with a solid hook and a flurry of jabs.

IMG00052-20150705-0658So well done Nintendo, you really showed it to the world on this one and Splatoon has clearly met the expectations you had of it and all of this really does has me excited to engaging in the next Splatfest and whatever online event you bring to the table as far as Splatoon is concerned and I bet I’m not the only one who eagerly awaits up what comes next. Nor would it surprise me to see the price of Splatoon amiibos drop slightly, and sales sky rocket, because the inking isn’t over, it’s just getting started. But just like Splatfest, my time here must also come to an end, my bed beckons me and I have denied her too long, but #Splatfest, #Splattergeddon, I came, I gamed, I walked away Eternal Rock Boy and even with the glitches I suffered, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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