Feed The Greed, Bleed The Creed- Assassin’s Creed III & IV

JH Longman profile pic 1Written  by:  J.H.  Longman
My name is Jack Longman, avid gamer since the 90’s, so with two decades of gaming under my belt and a background in journalism covering a range of subjects, it was only natural that one day I’d take the leap and write about something close to my heart, so with that, let’s get gaming.


Prior to Wii U, I had never played a single Creed game, so it pleases me to no end the fact that I’ve played not one, but two and still have four waiting for me on my PC. Assassin’s Creed is just one of the best game series going, especially when the likes of Assassin’s Creed III & IV Black Flag have it all. We’re talking pirates, booty and son’s killing their father’s. Connor really did stick it to his old man, still neither one of them is Edward Kenway, but you know is? Edward Kenway.


He was a simple Welshman and married to a woman he dearly loved but as any man who desired something more, he soon set off in the hopes of getting a better life for himself and in a roundabout way, he did get what he wanted. More riches than he imagined. His name known by every tongue able to wag and he lived his life exactly as he wanted on the high seas, chasing his desires. Mind you, it wasn’t without a lot of consequences, his wife dying before he could ever see her again, along with the rest of those he loved and called friend, still at least he had Anne Bonny there with him enduring his last days of piracy before he sailed back to England with his daughter.

It’s not like Connor has an easy life either, mother murdered, white people trying to take his land, a very bizarre and bad relationship with his father, but then there’s the whole Independence dance. Both stories full of well-known characters from history, Blackbeard, Mary Read, George Washington, just to name a few and they are certainly great additions. From the very first session of playing Creed I was taken by it, fully captivated, until I came to the part on Black Flag when I woke up from the Animus and found myself in present day. I was like WTF! Because having never played a single title from this exceptional series, it was completely alien to me, so naturally I played through it and continued to play ACIV for a couple of more hours before going online and googling Creed. I soon learned it was all part of the game and although initially weird, I got into it and liked it even more so. It is just another quality that makes this gaming series as good as it is. Then of course there is the content of the games itself.

Every game boasts the best graphics of their time and utilize their consoles as best as they possibly could. There are hours and hours of gameplay, with plenty of collectables, like feathers, animus fragments, shanties treasure chests to be picked or kicked open. (Sorry Connor but Edward bests you here as well. It’s not your fault you didn’t grow up to be more like him, then again, your father knew him and it didn’t make a single difference, he became a Templar Grandmaster instead. I can just picture Eddie K turning in his grave at such a thought. Shame on you).

Although Haytham was pretty hilarious, not when you were playing as him, but just the relationship he had with Connor when they two of them called a truce and it was all “I’m your father, now do as I say!” The two of them are just like me and my dad and I just remembered I’m not on the couch in my therapist’s officer. Wait a second, I don’t even have a therapist, so what on earth am I on about? Oh that’s right Creed, Creed III really did a great job of bringing a whole new range of elements to the game series, but IV is what really utilized them because the hours just spent pirating every single frigate, brig and Man O’War that came my way, were just as fun and exciting as the first hour spent doing that and seeing as how this is a game I committed a good portion of my life to, to earn that ever so noble 100% game synchronization, with only two more Abstergo challenges to be completed, ship commandeering is still as fun as ever.

Plus there is the whole Assassins and Templar angle that just works brilliantly. Their never ending war against one another’s orders is just far too interesting to ever lose interest in, especially when you have every man, Kenway, who went on to become an honest privateer before succumbing to a life of piracy. Then once the first step into wrong is made, the rest are a slip and slide ride into Hell itself and soon pirate Kenway became obsessed with obtaining as much wealth he possibly could. It is quite a show to see a man such as himself become more than just a scallywag scoundrel, watching him become a man whose thoughts were of that of a noble cause. Connor was a fine Assassin, but Edward was more so and what’s more, he became a much better person and that is just one of the many things that made Black Flag the awesome game it is!

And sadly it is that time again, time to bust out a list of Pros & Cons, for both Wii U Creed titles:

Assassins Creed III – The PROS:

-Father/Son time when Haytham and Connor call a truce and work together.

-Thomas Hickey. His death scene is the bomb.

-Connor’s relentless pursuit of Charles Lee, ending with a shared drink and a quick stab.

-A great range of weapons

-The Homestead.

-The inclusion of Naval missions.

-Analysing clues and tracking.

-Hunting missions.

-Brawler club.

-A compelling story that kept me playing.

-Plenty of dlc to keep you playing for longer.

Assassins Creed III – The CONS:

-Lock-picking all those chests, I found it to be annoying, especially when it would glitch or whenever I cracked it, it would say I hadn’t and need to do it again.

-Killing the guard dogs. I’m not into hunting, sure I did my fair huntsman missions, but when the animals are charging you down, you’re entitled to defend yourself. But when it’s a guard dog who has detected you and is barking non-stop to alert every guard in the vicinity, forcing you into a tigbht spot. Either take on every guard who comes, or shut the dog up.

-Great ensemble of cast, but at times they did seem lacking in places.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag – The PROS:

-Edward Frigging Kenway. Bartholomew Roberts. Blackbeard. Mary Read, who I am certain fooled no one with her whole James Kidd personal & Vane. Who didn’t love the nutter and psychopath that was Charles Vane? The game just had such a great cast of characters.

-The sheer setting of the story. Nassau. Kingston. Havana. So many places to go, so many things to see and do.

-Committing one act of piracy right after another just constantly going to war against one Man O’ War after the other. All cannons firing. Wood and debris being blown everywhere. Men dying and ships being ransacked, especially since it is just a game, so there’s no chance of getting scurvy, or losing a limb and needing a wooden limb. It is heaven.

-Constantly getting booty.

-Just getting to hang out with Blackbear and Bonnet, seeing those two together was brilliant.

-Great script and even better cut scenes.

-The Jackdaw, I love that Brig.

-Going to the taverns, and drinking rum to the point you literally pass out.

-Drunken parkour.

-Just being able to spend four guns when surrounded. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang!

-“Well I’ll be up the duff the next time you come knocking!” That line just gets me every time.

-Kenway’s relationship with both Ade & Mary.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag – The CONS:

-The fact it actually ended.

-Harpooning sharks, whales and killer whales, which falls into the cetacean family, Delphinidae family.

-BLACKBEARD DIED! I almost actually cried.

Wow only three Cons for Creed 4, unexpected but it is a game that is virtually flawless, but enough idle chit chat, it’s time for action, time for results. Representing the Kenway family in Creed III, Connor and his exploits strike an impressive 8.7 eagle feathers, but taking the crown and all the other treasures in the chest is grand-daddy Kenway, who makes off with 9.9 impressive, gold laden treasure chests. Neither game is one to be ignored and if you don’t want III to be ruined for you, play it first and then play Black Flag afterwards because I didn’t and BF blows III out of the water every time, but then pirates are very good at that. So if you haven’t brought and play the games yet, get your arses down to the nearest game store, or even online and part with that cash people, it is money truly well spent.
But as always, this is just thoughts on the matter and its encouraged for you to make your own.