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Super Mario Party amiibo Guide

[Guide] Super Mario Party amiibo Sticker Guide

*This guide is a work in progress and will be updated as we go along. We appreciate any help and tips that you can provide to help complete our Super Mario Party amiibo Sticker Guide. We will also credit you at the bottom of the guide as our way of saying thanks. Welcome to our… View Article
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ver. 3.1.0

Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.1.0 Features VR Mode and New Amiibo Support

Super Smash Bros appears to be adding some major functionality in it’s new update expected to go live later today.  It seems that functionality with the Nintendo Labo VR kit is happening in this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.1.0 update although it is not clear as of yet what aspects of the game will… View Article
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[Video] Splatoon 2 Octoling amiibo Gear Showcase

Nintendo have released a video showcasing the new gear that inkling and Octolings will be able to unlock Splatoon 2 using the new Octoling amiibo. The Octoling amiibo will be available from November 9th in Europe and Japan and December 7th for North America. The Octoling girl amiibo unlocks the Enchanted gear (Witch’s outfit). The… View Article
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[Video] Scanning amiibo in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Showcase)

The folks over at Gamexplain have gotten hands on time with Fire Emblem: Three Houses! In this video, they show off the games amiibo support and what you can expect when the game releases next week.
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Diablo III

[Guide] How To Use amiibo In Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Nintendo Switch)

With Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch, one of it’s special features is is amiibo compatibility. You can use amiibo pretty much from the beginning of the game once you acquire the amiibo Portal from the Stash chest. When outside of towns, you can use the amiibo Portal to summon powerful monsters which will drop items like clothing and… View Article
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[Guide] Unlocking Spirits with amiibo (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!)

*Warning! The following guide is still a work in progress. If you’re reading this, it can only mean two things, the first is you own a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and secondly, you’ve got a bunch of amiibo and you want to know which ones you can use to unlock Spirits. Well, that’s… View Article
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Diablo III switch guide

[Rumour] New Diablo amiibo could be on the way from a recent datamine

Fans have gotten their hands on the Switch version of Diablo 3 and it looks like a datamine has occurred. A user on the /r/Diablo subreddit has found some interesting files on the Switch version that are pointing towards 2 new potential Diablo Series amiibo. “Based on datamined information from the Switch version of the… View Article
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For SteamWorld amiibo cards to Happen, Quest’s Sales numbers would have to be “Really Spectacular”

When it comes to amiibo, while the little figurines aren’t as popular as they once were, they still know how to make collectors open their wallets and have gamers pre-order them. Yet, even in 2019 Yacht Club Games is the only indie developer to hop on the amiibo train. That’s not to say others haven’t… View Article
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E3 Amiibo News and Reactions — NintendoFigures.com

While I fully admit that the news I’m about to share is now several days old, many people visit this site to catch up on older news so I still want to share it with all of you. If you haven’t heard, Nintendo announced a number of new Amiibo at E3. The new Amiibo include […]… View Article
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[Guide] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo Release Dates

Among the many things that were revealed during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, we also got plenty of news relating to new and upcoming amiibo, along with release dates for most of them and so, we thought we’d prepare a little guide on all the upcoming Smash amiibo, so you never have to worry… View Article
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Download Data Size, amiibo Support, Nintendo Switch Online Required For Online Services

Download codes have begun to go on Sale in Japan for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. On the back of the Download card, it reveals the download size for the game as well as amiibo support. It is not specified as to what the amiibo will do not has there been any new amiibo announced for… View Article
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Solaire Amiibo Delayed! — NintendoFigures.com

Well I have some disappointing news to share with you. Namco Bandai is delaying Dark Souls on Switch and unsurprisingly, have chosen to also delay the Solaire Amiibo until the game’s release. Namco estimates that the game will now come out in Q3 which means late summer. This estimated release is obviously a bit vague […]… View Article
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Why This E3 Is Important For The Future of Amiibo — NintendoFigures.com

With E3 nearly upon us, it seems like a good time to reflect on the current state of Amiibo and discuss why this E3 is so important. You could hardly blame longtime collectors of Amiibo and World of Nintendo figures for being a bit anxious right now. The future of both lines is in doubt… View Article
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Ridley, Inkling Girl & Wolf amiibo will launch alongside Smash Ultimate

A new announcement coming from NintendoVS tonight has announced the release date for the three new Smash amiibo, pricing, and restocks for past figures. Announcing a figure for Wolf, the twitter account has also announced a release date for the Ridley, Inkling Girl and Wolf amiibo All three will arrive alongside the game on December… View Article
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Blizzard Reveal Loot Goblin amiibo for Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Releases December 2018)

So, about the datamined Diablo III amiibo, there is some truth to the “rumours.”   Previously known to those with access to review copies of the game, or associated with Blizzard, Nintendo and select retailers, special Diablo III amiibo are on the way as the Loot Goblin amiibo was officially revealed today. In the game,… View Article
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[Rumour] Inkling Girl, Ridley & Wolf are the Only New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo Releasing on Launch Day

As we continue our run through of things that have been said during Nintendo’s recent financial results briefing, there is one particular tidbit that has our scratching our chins with intrigue. Whilst talking about amiibo and the fact that amiibo has approximately sold around 50 million units worldwide, there is a particular comment made by… View Article
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Currently “No Announcement” for the Mega Man 11 Amiibo edition in Europe, Digital only release at this time, No amiibo release

The Nintendo Channel has spoken with Capcom of Europe regarding a physical release of Megaman 11. The company had this to say in regards to release plans and the Megaman 11 amiibo. Capcom Europe has confirmed to The Nintendo Channel that the Nintendo Switch version of Mega Man 11 will only receive a digital release… View Article
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Super Mario Party amiibo

Super Mario Party: “Unlock music, stickers, and more with amiibo”

With amiibo support previously revealed for Super Mario Party, updated information regarding the game’s Nintendo site now states that amiibo can be used to “Unlock music, stickers, and more.” It is not yet clear what the more could entail, but since we’re closing in to two weeks from the game’s release, the full details should… View Article
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Kuribo’s Top Five Favorite Amiibo

Kuribo finally reveals his five favorite Amiibo (and a bunch of runner ups!) of all time! This list is years in the making so read on to see the top five and share your favorite Amiibos in the comments too!
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[Review] Detective Pikachu Amiibo (Nintendo Figures)

The wait between Detective Pikachu and the Zelda Amiibo has been a long one but he is finally here and it is exciting to have a new Amiibo to review! Detective Pikachu is not only a unique video game but Nintendo made the interesting choice to create the largest plastic Amiibo yet. Does the increased… View Article
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